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Maisie Williams: “The end of Game of Thrones is near”

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Maisie Williams talks to The Red Bulletin about what she has in common with her character, Arya Stark, the power of the Internet and the future of Game of Thrones

THE RED BULLETIN: Have you spoken to Kit Harington about what it would be like if Arya and Jon met in season six? 

MAISIE WILLIAMS: No. We never chatted about that when he was on the show. It would have been lovely. But he’s dead, you know that right? (laughs.) 

Thankfully, Arya Stark is still alive. How was it growing up with this character? 

There are definitely some interesting similarities: she lived in a world where she thought that if you are honest and loyal, good things will happen. Her family are very honest, and she then gets thrust into this world full of deceit and betrayal and lies, and she slowly realises this is not how she thought it is at all.

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So you also live in a world full of lies and deceit? 

Well, I had to learn quickly that some people just want to make you look bad. I came into this industry as a regular girl and thought that people would understand what I am trying to say. I realised after a while that people can twist what you say in any way they want to and they can trip you up in interviews. They can make you out to be someone else and you can be misinterpreted. I never really expected that. I think I am a nice person and every now and then I say something that gets twisted on its head and you become a not nice person to other people. That is really, really tough.

But despite that you’re still giving interviews… 

It’s the price that I pay to be able to do this job. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I realised after a while that people can twist what you say in any way they want to and they can trip you up in interviews”
Maisie Williams, 18

Have you become wary of social media?

Not really. I still have a very big presence on social media because that’s my generation. That’s what we do. People think that you shouldn’t put your life on the Internet, which I understand, but it’s bigger than that. The power the Internet has over us is insane, but it’s something that should be celebrated. I don’t pretend that it’s all fun and games, and it’s all really lovely. There are some awful things that happen on the Internet, but there is more good that comes out of it than we talk about. We just love to tell the horror stories.

We need to realise that amazing things are being created everyday and we need to focus more on using it properly rather than criticising it. It has worked in great ways for me and it works in great ways for actors. Having a big presence on social media is something that people take really seriously. And it’s something I take really seriously. It’s not just a place for bitch and gossip. It’s really powerful. I love that I feel so happy on the Internet. Because there is a whole new generation of kids that get it. It’s the way the future is going.

Do you have a sense now where the show is headed?

At the end of the read through of this season, I sat there thinking: ‘God, they are setting up for the end.’ It was an amazing moment because for so long we’ve been working from season to season not knowing when it is going to end. It’s been like walking up a hill. Every season we have been looking up to the next season, and now it feels like we are looking back down and are coming down to the end.

So you know how it is going to end? 

Not at all! It’s still in no way predictable. But the feeling that this is slowly coming to an end is so so exciting, and terrifying at the same time. I can’t wait to see it.

“Every season we have been looking up to the next season, and now it feels like we are looking back down and are coming down to the end”
Maisie Williams, 18

So how do you see your life after GoT? 

I’ve received plenty of offers thanks to the show. I always wanted to have a very well rounded career. I wanted to have a long career. For a time I wanted to do everything now and I was like: ‘No, no, they have to be big films and I have to be on billboards.’ But now I’ve realised that’s actually not what I want to do. I do want to do these films, but I only want to do them when it’s a good project and a good character, and I want to have fun. Everything can go right for a movie and no one will watch it, it might not make money or win awards. You have to have fun making movies, because everything after that is totally out of your hands. If you are constantly thinking about the outcome you may never do a job that makes you happy.

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