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Words: Andrew Swann
Photo:  Noam Maoz & Rony Karadi  

ADI has toured the world and seen many places since she started following her dream as a solo artist, but Israel is never far from her thoughts. Here, the 27-year-old singer, producer and rapper reveals her favourite corners Tel Aviv

What’s the best place to go for breakfast?

There’s the restaurant called Benedict and it serves breakfast 24 hours a day, which is brilliant because you can have breakfast when you leave a club, regardless of the time! Everyone’s always really friendly there, sometimes a little too friendly when you’ve had a heavy night [laughs] but the food is great. Tel Aviv has some great Mexican and Asian restaurants too: Diego San, which is kind of new, and it’s a mixture of Latin and Asian food, which is just crazy on the taste buds.

Tell us about some cool hidden places. 

Well, the most amazing club, I’m not sure how hidden it is [laughs], but I’m going to go for this one anyway, is The Block. It’s the best club in Israel, and one of the best clubs I have ever been to. The sound system is just unbelievable; I think it’s in the top ten in the world. You just go in and you’re blown away by this sound. The DJs they get are also some of the best around. 


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What should people avoid?

Try and avoid some of the really touristy places on the beach. There are so many cool areas, but it’s easy to get caught in one of the tourist traps. I don’t even know the names of the places you should avoid because we never go there, sorry! But I do know where you should go: Go to Jaffa instead. It’s one of the best beaches in the world in my opinion. It’s relaxed, there aren’t a lot of tourists and it’s simply beautiful. 

It’s 5am and you want to party more. Where do you go? 

I would go to Radio EPG. It’s more like a bar than a club, but the atmosphere is great. There are always people there, something’s always happening.

If you’re into music, where should we be hanging out to get our vinyl fix? 

I’m not sure if we have that many record stores. There’s this new place called Auerbach Salon that’s been opened by a couple of guys my age and they’re really trying to start the vinyl revolution in Tel Aviv, so I think that’s the main place I would go.

Tel Aviv

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A fact that people maybe don’t know about Tel Aviv?

Most people don’t know that Tel Aviv, which is a tiny city, has the biggest amount of start-ups in the world in comparison to the amount of people who live here.

Three words which some up Tel Aviv.

Sunny, open-minded and forward-thinking. People are always trying to push the boundaries and be creative.

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