The 6 most expensive Star Wars collectibles

Words: JJ Dunning

Would you send a million quid to a bank account far, far away?

As of May 2016, the Star Wars franchise has generated over $30.2billion (£21billion).

Which is certainly enough coppers to fill a Death Star-sized piggy bank, and that’s excluding the auction sales of toy figurines, bits of set and props.

A phenomenal array of Star Wars memorabilia has been auctioned off over the years. Here are six of the most expensive pieces ever sold, totalling £1.3million’s worth…

© Youtube // Jason Smith

Item: Jawa toy
Price: $16,500 (£11,400)

In the Star Wars films, Jawas are tiny hooded scavengers who live in the deserts of Tatooine, roving about in giant “sandcrawler” vehicles.

However, this rare Jawa figurine has never so much as left its box. Manufactured by Leicester-based company Palitoy, it is special because it has a vinyl, rather than a cloth, cape.

When one came to auction in 2015, it fetched £11,400. Another was also listed on eBay for $53,000

In 1978, the figure would have cost you 99p in a newsagent. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to pour your resources into inventing a time machine?

NB Original figurines remain extremely collectible and hugely valuable; a pack of seven, unopened, Empire Strikes Back figures went for $32,000 (£22,000) at Sotheby’s in December 2015.

© YouTube/ViralThrive

ITEM: Luke Skywalker’s original lightsaber
PRICE: $200,000 (£113,000)

Now then: the original Lightsaber. In a world where a tiny plastic figure costs the same as a new car, you won’t be surprised to learn that Luke’s trusty weapon is worth a small fortune. When it was auctioned from the private collection of Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz in 2005, it fetched over £100,000. Other lots included Darth Vader’s lightsaber (£67,000) a Chewbacca face mask (£28,000) and Skywalker’s X-Wing flight suit (£40,000)

ITEM: “Snowtrooper” Helmet
PRICE: $225,000 (£155,000)

Back in 2012, this rare helmet, worn in The Empire Strikes Back, fetched nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

In October 2015, a normal Stormtrooper helmet used in the same film went for $120,000 (£82,000).

ITEM: Han Solo’s Leather Jacket from The Force Awakens
PRICE: $191,000 (£131,000)

The “new jacket” that Han Solo sports in 2015’s The Force Awakens was auctioned for the charity FACES – Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures – in April 2016. Prior to going under the hammer, Harrison Ford said that, “unlike the cynical Han Solo, I have a good feeling about this.” He was right to – 50 bidders duked it out, with the jacket eventually selling for $191,000. The cause is close to Ford’s heart, as his daughter suffers from epilepsy.

© Photo: Geekologie/eBay

ITEM: Star Wars TIE Fighter model
PRICE: $350,000 (£240,000)

This TIE Fighter model was used in the battle sequence at the end of Episode IV - A New Hope. Which means that it’s worth… *taps calculator*… a quarter of a million pounds.

If you’d rather spend that sort of money on a house than a plastic model of a fictitious spaceship, you can always build a real TIE Fighter. These German fans managed to construct a life-sized ship for less than $20,000. Suddenly, that sounds like good value.

NB In 2015, one of the models used in the opening sequence of A New Hope - a Rebel Blockade Runner - sold at auction for around $400,000 (£276,000).

© Photo: Wikimedia Commons

ITEM: George Lucas’ Panavision Camera
PRICE: $625,000 (£427,000)

George Lucas’ Panavision PSR 35mm camera – similar to the one pictured above - was used to shoot some of the first Star Wars film in 1976. It sold at Profiles in History in 2011 for a record fee and, as of May 2016, remains the most expensive piece of Star Wars memorabilia.

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