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Secret Netflix Codes:
How to find your favourite film categories 

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Did you know that Netflix has a lot more categories than the ones you actually see? You just need to know these secret codes to unlock them! 

You know the situation: you get home from work after a long day and all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch a good film. You turn on Netflix and scroll through the same old categories and before you know it, it is too late to even start watching something. 

Surely Netflix has more to offer than the same old films you keep getting recommended? Actually, yes it does! There are countless genres hidden deep inside Netflix, almost 27,000 according to this website. Each of these categories has its own code so you can find it. 

As we know how precious your time is, we’ve picked out a few of the most important categories so you don’t have to scroll through all 27,000! All you have to do is type in in your browser and add the number you want after the last slash. Et voilà! The film category of your choice will appear in all its glory for a perfect evening.


5455 - Films for kids aged between 5 and 7 
You never know when you are going to have to babysit 

2700 - Political comedy
Because real politicians aren’t funny enough … 

3683 - Action film starring Jean-Claude van Damme 
The Muscles from Brussels - Oh yeah! 

11881 - Adult animation
It’s not what you think … 

3916 - Sci-Fi dramas
For when you want to go to bed with deep thoughts about what reality actually is 

3327 - Sci-Fi with aliens
Because sometimes you want to be certain you’re going to get aliens 

12549 - Football films
For when actual football just isn’t theatrical enough 

12443 - Boxing films
Underdog stories galore! 

6695 - Martial Arts, wrestling and Boxing
When you want an underdog story with crazy flying kicks! 

31851 - Mafia films
Not for children 

8646 - Slasher and Serial killer films 
If blood and gore is your thing 

7700 - Westerns
Horse chases, spittoons and gun fights! 

7687 - Film Noir
For real film fans 

7627 - Cult films
Check out this article for a few recommendations

3278 - Rock and Pop concerts
Watch some music! 

You could also just choose the category you want using this website, but that is nowhere near as much fun! 

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