“I Was in Love With Sophie Marceau” 

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French musician SoKo lets loose on her second album, a cancelled wedding and bad luck at spin the bottle.

In 2007 Stéphanie „SoKo“ Sokolinkski scored an international surprise hit. In her lo-fi-song “I’ll Kill Her” the 21-year-old roasts her ex-lover and his new mistress in a charming French accent. Without any backing of a major record company she achieved remarkable success: She sold out gigs in Belgium and Australia, went on tour with M.I.A, and pop star Cee Lo Green covered the song.

Today SoKo is one of France’s most successful young artists. For her role in the movie “In The Beginning” she was nominated for the César Award for Most Promising Actress, her second album was just released and is lauded by fans and critics alike. 

It’s a versatile and self-assured record that includes bolshie post-rock songs as well as little folk gems. SoKo has given up her teenage frustration in favour of a more positive creative drive, at least that’s what her album title suggests: “My Dreams Dictate My Reality“.

For her new album “My Dreams Dictate My Reality” SoKo recorded a song with US-musician Ariel Pink

THE RED BULLETIN: What did you dream last night?

SoKo: Oh my, this dream took me all over. I remember being on stage, and trying to plug in an instrument but we were late for the show and nothing was working. Dreaming of messed up shows is the worst. I wake up feeling like I’m just so unworthy.

What could it mean? Do you interpret your dreams?

Yes, I always try to get lessons out of dreams. With this one, I don’t know though. It must mean that I’m going on tour soon, and don’t feel ready. I haven’t started rehearsing yet and I’m nervous.

But is there a reason to be nervous? Your new album has done really well with the critics so far. By the way, the album title „My Dreams Dictate My Reality“ reminded me of the French movie “La Boum”, probably because of the film’s theme song “Dreams Are My Reality”. 

Oh my God, “La Boum” was my favourite movie growing up and I was so in love with Sophie Marceau. I actually think this movie’s the reason why I wanted to be an actress. I basically wanted to be Vic [Marceau’s character], and have her grandma, and her friend, and kiss that boy too! And as for the song, holy cow, how many times has it made me cry! It is the soundtrack of my youth.

Wow, I had no idea …

You’re the very first person to actually bring this up, so spot on. I’m just realizing right now that this song definitely might have inspired the title of my album. I haven’t even thought of that movie for so long.

“Once someone who I had met on Skype proposed to me. We met and fell in love right away and were even planning on getting married.”

Did you enjoy parties as a teenager?

I’ve never had a good party. I was always the awkward one crying alone in the corner and having the worst time and wanting to hide. I guess that turned me into a hopeless romantic somehow. I still don’t have much luck in that area.


“I have crushes on people on Facebook all the time.”

You didn’t enjoy spin the bottle either?

Well, that was my only chance to get somewhere closer to making out. I would close my eyes and pray the one person I wanted to kiss would be picked. But I would always end up with the worst person, and be a very bad player and get bummed and leave like a total pussy. (laughs)

The pretty boys from back then will be gutted to find out that besides your music career you’re about to take over Hollywood. In Spike Jonze recent movie “Her” you had a speaking part. How did that come about?

I’m friends with Spike. We met years ago in Los Angeles for another one of his projects and we have collaborated a little bit every now and then. 

In “Her”, Joaquin Phoenix falls in love an artificially intelligent operating system. Can you relate to that?

I can totally imagine that being true. I have crushes on people on Facebook all the time. You make up the most unrealistically perfect person in your mind because you’re lonely and you’re always disappointed. Once someone who I had met on Skype proposed to me. We met and fell in love right away and were even planning on getting married. Then he turned out to be an alcoholic and heroin addict. I had no idea! It was a nightmare. 

Your new album features a collaboration with indie rock’s enfant terrible Ariel Pink. Wouldn’t he be a good catch?

We did date for a bit, but personally we know that we’re not meant to be together. But musically our minds connect like magic. It’s super fun to work with him. We bounce off each other’s ideas really well.

SoKo’s new album „My Dreams Dictate My Reality“ is out now.

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