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Grab the popcorn, the film hardly matters when the cinemas are this cool

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You think all cinemas look the same? Not true. Here are four movie theatres that are so spectacular, you might not even remember the film

There’s no question, the best movies need to be enjoyed on the big screen. And when the cinema happens to be located in a spectacular location or comes with features so amazing you don’t want to leave your seat, it ends up very quickly on our list of pimped out picturehouses.

  • Hot Tub Cinema
  • Archipelago Cinema
  • Blitz Megaplex
  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Hot Tub Cinema – UK

Want to watch the latest blockbuster while completely relaxed, hanging out in a whirlpool? You can at the Hot Tub Cinema. The brilliant idea started in 2012 and regular events are hosted throughout the UK. Around 30 inflatable hot tubs are pitched together beneath a big screen.

#poppin bottles in a hot tub watching dumb and dumber in #shoreditch. Just your average Saturday night. #nylon

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If you want to spend the evening with six of your best friends in the water, you can rent a private hot tub in advance. If you’re also open to new acquaintances, then grab yourself a regular ticket and wait for whoever else is up for movie night. And if you’re the first one in, you can make yourself comfortable as the waiter service provides you with cool drinks and snacks.

Archipelago Cinema – Kudu Noi, Thailand 

This cinema scores especially highly with its incredible location. The Archipelago Cinema is on a floating raft in a lagoon in front of the Thai island of Ko Yao Noi. The platform, which looks like a giant piece of driftwood, is equipped with comfortable seat cushions. The screen canvas is pitched some distance away between two towering rocks in the water.

The only catch: The floating cinema is not a permanent fixture. It was built for a film festival and then disassembled into its component parts. But, because the idea was delivered with such style, there are constant rumours that the Archipelago Cinema will make a return. 

Blitz Megaplex – Jakarta, Indonesia  

Sure, most cinema seats are quite comfortable, but they hardly measure up when it comes to your own bed. What if we told you there are places in the world where you can combine both? 

Tentunya tidak kalah asyiknya nonton CAPTAIN ...

Tentunya tidak kalah asyiknya nonton CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR di Velvet Class dengan teknologi Silver Screen wall to wall, suasana auditorium yang santai, layanan eksklusif dan fasilitas sofa bed. Tersedia di: CGVblitz Grand Indonesia #Jakarta CGVblitz Paris van Java #Bandung CGVblitz Pacific Place #Jakarta CGVblitz Mall of Indonesia #Jakarta CGVblitz Central Park #Jakarta CGVblitz Hartono Mall #Yogyakarta Lihat jadwal tayang di https://goo.gl/SyAGIm SHARE/TAG dan beritahukan teman kamu.

With almost endless legroom, soft pillows and no risk of a stiff neck in the front row, the Indonesian cinema chain Blitz Megaplex has perfected the horizontal cinema experience. Your ‘seat’ comes with a wide deck surface, velvet cushions and a practical small table for your snacks and drinks. Tuck us in. 

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – USA

Are you a movie buff who gets easily annoyed at the cinema?  Maybe it’s because the noise levels are too high or the teenager from the row in front of you is constantly staring at their glowing mobile phone display.

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas is distinguished neither by a particularly cool location nor by extra-comfortable seats. Instead, they have a zero-tolerance policy regarding nuisances. Write a text message during the movie and you’re out. It’s that simple. Visitors should not be distracted by anything or anyone. The operators don’t even wait to show advertising before the movie. Instead, there are thematically chosen pre-shows with short films. 

While the preliminary programme is running, you can order something to eat at your spot. We’re not talking about the usual popcorn or nachos, but burgers, pizza and pasta. There is also a bar which is equipped with, among other things, 23 different kinds of beer.

Open topic here. Are there improvements ...

Open topic here. Are there improvements, tweaks, or overall changes that would make the in-theater experience at the Alamo Drafthouse even better? Even if it's a pie-in-the-sky notion that you'd like to see us try, would love to hear about it in the comments below. - Tim League, founder/CEO

There are also special events as a break from the no talking rule. For example, you’ll find regular evenings where the audience are encouraged a say their favourite classic movie quotes aloud. Although, maybe not too loud.


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