From the heavy metal fan at Download to the mud-lover at Glastonbury.

The 6 types of people you meet at music festivals

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Going to a festival this year? These are the characters you’re going to run into during your stay


The famous event on the grounds of Empire Club in Indio, California attracts a young and hip crowd. It’s also one of the most expensive festivals so it’s no surprise that it brings out the luxury camper.

They’ve got the basics sorted in their high-end campervan: air-conditioning, toilet and kitchen. They also have the sumptuous interior, a wide screen television and surround system. After a day of enjoying the music and art installations, they’ll be lounging in luxury.

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The five-day festival in Pilton, Somerset is well-known for turning into a mud playground due to the English weather. That’s not going to dampen the spirit of the mud dancer. They’re here to enjoy everything the festival has to offer.

It doesn’t matter if they’re rubbish at dancing or that they missed their favourite artist – these dirt seekers who travel in packs are going to boogie until every pore of their body is clogged.

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This isn’t just girls sitting on their boyfriend’s shoulders. They’ll sit on anyone with little thought for the durability of their necks. It’s usually the young attractive girls who do it to get a better look of things (and block other people’s views). 

You’ll see them at every festival but none more so than Weekend Festival Baltic. The event in Pärnu, Estonia is the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe. Expect to see pretty people on shoulders swinging their arms when the music starts pumping.

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The city festival type at Primavera 

City festivals attract the crème de la crème of the music scene, and Primavera is no exception. They’re here because the festival has the best music, wonderful weather and there isn’t a spot of dirt in sight. You’ll see these sun-loving music fans enjoying a drink and chewing the fat in Barca’s best café’s before, during and after the gigs while they soak up the spring atmosphere and go in search of the next big thing.

There are no wellington boots or cans of Carling here. Polaroid cameras, notepads and a highly reputable newspaper of choice peaking out of their fairtrade totebag are De jure for these networkers. 

Watch the Primavera Sound festival live on Red Bull TV on June 2.  

Primavera Sound 2016 Live

The eclectic lineup list continues growing for Primavera Sound 2016. Top indie rock, pop, and electronic music artists are represented, and the fest is sure to expose some undiscovered talent with more than 170 bands scheduled to perform.


You need to grow up in life but that doesn’t mean you need to grow old. The old heads still feel the buzz of being in the crowd of dancing and smiling people – and you can forget about giving them a walking stick for now.

They’re at Latitude Festival because they want more than good music. They enjoy the other entertainments offered at the event like theatre performances, poetry readings and cabaret. And don’t be surprised if they’re up later than you.


You notice them because their phone is glued to their hands and not coming unstuck any time soon. They’ve already shared close to fifty Tweets, Snapchats and Instagram pictures, and they’re only just arriving on-site.  Everyone’s going to know where they are and what they’re doing – and that’s the way they like it.

Bestival has them in their droves due to the event having a theme; last year’s was ‘Summer of Love’ and in 2016 it’s ‘Future’. Expect to see the social media addicts dressed to impress as they record every second of their favourite artist. 

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