The best Comic Con 2016 trailers

Watch the best Comic Con 2016 trailers 


Comic Con 2016 has treated us to some excellent trailers and teasers. Here are the best in one place 

Justice League 

© YouTube // Warner Bros. Pictures

Yes, we already have a teaser for JUSTICE LEAGUE! Batfleck gets the gang together in this funny clip which looks very promising, even if it is still early days. 

Doctor Strange 

© YouTube // Marvel Entertainment

Marvel gave fans another glimpse at their next big release. This time with a lot more magic and weird happenings. 

Wonder Woman 

© YouTube // Warner Bros. Pictures

Gal Gadot’s performance as Wonder Woman was one of the positives to come out of Batman v Superman, and judging by this trailer, it doesn’t look like fans will be dissapointed by her stand-alone film either! 

Luke Cage 

© YouTube // Netflix UK & Ireland

Luke Cage will be the next Marvel character to get the Netflix treatment, and yes, it will be your next binge watch! 

Iron Fist 

© YouTube // Netflix US & Canada

And they also gave us a very brief glimpse of Iron Fist as well, and a teensy weensy teaser of The Defenders, which will see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand aka Iron Fist team up to fight an enemy bigger than all of them. 

Game of Thrones Season 7 

© YouTube // GameofThrones

Okay, so it’s not a trailer for the new season, but somehow they still manage to make a production clip more exciting than most trailers! 

The Flash

CW treated us to teasers of The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, with all three looking set to have you hooked through the winter. Add Supergirl to the list, who will be heading to the network for season 2, and it looks like the CW will have all your superhero needs covered! 


© YouTube // Television Promos

Gotham has been one of the unexpected success stories with it’s dark storylines and impressive special effects. Fox has given us a highlight reel of season two with a glimpse of what is to come when season three comes out on September 19th. 


© YouTube //

Is this best Batman ever to hit the big screen? Quite possibly… 

Suicide Squad 

© YouTube // Warner Bros. Pictures

Yes, another Suicide Squad trailer! We’re just weeks away from the release of this one and we may well have been given our biggest clue yet as to who the big bad will be. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

© YouTube // Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s action-packed, full of fantasy and lots of creatures. This one looks fun! 

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