Super Bowl LI:
The funniest, sexiest and best commercials of 2017

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: YouTube/

With the big game every year comes the big brands looking to leave their mark on Super Bowl viewers. They’re the only commercials, ever, that TV viewers don’t skip.

It was Houston, Texas that played host to the 2017 Super Bowl, with millions of viewers tuning in not so much for the game, but for the commercials that have become synonymous with the big game. 

Every year, companies spend millions upon millions to get a tiny slice of the pie on the NFL’s big day, and viewers have come to expect something special. Here are seven of the best ads from this year’s Super Bowl LI featuring: 

  • Action thrills with Jason Statham and Gal Gadot 
  • Adam Driver needs a Snickers
  • Melissa McCarthey saving the world
  • Peter Fonda finds an easy ride
  • And more 
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Buick: Feat. Miranda Kerr

Will it go down in folklore as one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time? Not likely. But in a seemingly never-ending attempt by Buick to redesign its elderly branding appeal to target a younger audience, they’ve pulled out the big guns in Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr. And any excuse to see Miranda Kerr is a good excuse. Even if it’s a Buick Commercial.

© YouTube/Buick

Budweiser: Born The Hard Way

Of every commercial this year, it’s this emotional and thought-provoking piece by Budweiser that has the best chance of making the hall of fame. In less than a week, the ad that tells the story of how a German immigrant made his way to America to co-found Budweiser, has become the most talked about spot in recent memory. Bud’s timing couldn’t have been better.

© YouTube/Budweiser

Kia: Hero’s Journey

Kia’s ad game has been strong ever since linking with Los Angeles agency David & Goliath, and their 2017 Super Bowl installment doesn’t disappoint. Featuring Melissa McCarthy and her trademark comic timing, the spot gives some much needed love to the everyday eco warrior, and continues Kia’s streak as one of the best in show.

© YouTube/Kia Motors

Wix: Director’s Cut

There are few things unsexier than computer software, making this Wix campaign featuring Gal Gadot and Jason Statham a homerun and then some for the website service. A three-part story, it’s basically an entertaining Statham movie in three minutes. 

© YouTube/Wix

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Mercedes: Easy Rider

Playing on 1960s epic cross-country film Easy Rider and featuring one of its co-star in Peter Fonda, this isn’t your average Mercedes ad. Hell, until the final seconds there’s not a single hint of the premium German manufacturer, the ad focusing on some born again bikers ruing having been parked in at a desert roadhouse. A solid effort.

© YouTube/Mercedes Benz-USA

It’s a 10 Hair Care: Four Years of Terrible Hair

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. And It’s a 10 Hair Care knocked it out of the park with this gut-wrenching spot playing on the horror every American faces over the coming four years - perpetually bad hair. Play on.

© Youtube // It’s a 10 Hair Care Products

Snickers: Live

Not since 1981 has any brand had the guts to pull off a live commercial, but Snickers did just that, risking biting off more than they could chew to pull off a much-hyped commercial. After a number of teaser clips, the live ad - set in a western town - aired with Adam Driver proving the ad was live my mentioning the 21-3 scoreline. And as the set collapsed around him, the ad finished by incorporating a familiar tag: You ruin live Super Bowl commercials when you’re hangry.

© Youtube // Snickers Brand

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