Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Watch the best movie trailers from Super Bowl 2017

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Here are the best and most epic movie trailers Super Bowl 51 had to offer. Check them out below 


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With the film out next month, the latest Logan trailer didn’t offer up anything new, merely confirming what we knew before. This is going to be a very different Wolverine movie, and we can’t wait! 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

They just keep getting better and better. The Guardians fully ‘assemble’ to an epic version of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain and we get a quick look at Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha. Roll on July! 


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More proof that this one if going to tickle your funny bone, hard. You ready to do this? Hell yeah! 

Transformers: The Last Knight 

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Bay released a 30-second ‘teaser’ of this 55-second ‘extended teaser’ on Saturday. The extra seconds we see in this one built up the tension before things start to explode in typical Bay style. It’s going to be interesting to see Optimus as the bad guy for once. 


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What did we just watch? This is the second film starring Dwayne Johnson to make it on the list, and it’s one minute of high-octane, petrol-fuelled insanity. 

John Wick Chapter 2 

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John Wick takes a cheeky little pop at Fifty Shades in this 30-second clip, before tantalisingly revealing more fight scenes and action to get your blood pumping a little faster. 

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