The coolest easter eggs on album covers

The coolest easter eggs
on album covers

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A year on from the release of David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar, fans are still finding hidden messages in the vinyl artwork. But Bowie wasn’t the first to hide Easter eggs on his album cover…
David Bowie
3 hidden messages on the Blackstar cover

Blackstar under Blacklight

What happens if you put the Blackstar album under blacklight? One made was brave enough to answer the question. 

Matt on Twitter

You may have heard what happens if you expose it to sunlight. Well, it turns out that if you put the Blackstar LP under a blacklight....

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The ‘Starman’ found a fan who followed the lines of the stars instead of just looking at the beautiful night sky in the booklet. And he discovered something rather fantastic:

Spelled Message

There is one more interesting easter egg on the front side of Blackstar. All you need to do is to read the displayed stars as letters instead. Got it?

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But Bowie wasn’t the only one…
3 more exciting easter eggs on album covers

The Rolling Stones

Their Satanic Majesties Request: After The Beatles included a doll wearing a ‘Welcome The Rolling Stones’ jumper on the Sgt Pepper cover, Jagger and co responded. Look closely at the Satanic Majesties cover and you’ll spot the four Beatles’ faces.


Santana: Originally designed for a Santana concert poster, Lee Conklin’s pen-and-ink illustration impressed the guitar hero so much he used it for the cover of his 1969 debut album. No wonder: Closer inspection reveals that the lion’s head is made up of several human faces and other body parts.

Kate Bush

Aerial: At first glance, the cover of Bush’s 2005 album seems to show rocks reflected in water. In fact, it’s the waveform of a blackbird’s song, superimposed over a photo. The image references the album’s last track, which features blackbirds chirping.

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