Crazy Grammy Moments

The Craziest Grammy Moments Of All Time  

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Giant eggs on the red carpet, soy bombs on stage and a wry interlude from Billy Joel: here are five Grammy moments that have made history

For months and months each year, the Grammy production team is busy mapping out every single moment of the music industry’s biggest annual event. To the organisers’ credit, usually the show’s spectacular live gigs and acceptance speeches go according to plan, which make those rare moments where real life’s unpredictability interferes even more special. 

Here are five hilarious moments from the award show’s 57-year history.

Bob Dylan

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In 1998, Dylan was performing his new single Love Sick at the awards ceremony when all of a sudden a wildly gesticulating man appeared on stage from behind with the words Soy Bomb painted on his bare chest. It took security almost 40 seconds to remove the dancer from stage, leaving a startled Dylan behind.

It turned out that the spotlight seeker was actually a respected performance artist, who wanted to share Soy Bomb – not a protest slogan, but a two-word poem – with the world. 

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder was in Nige­ria for the 1976 awards ceremony. But a satellite hook-up was arranged so he could be awarded his Grammys for his masterpiece Songs In The Key Of Life.

Welcoming Wonder on the screen, awards host Andy Wil­liams asked him, “Stevie, can you see us now?” Williams was the first host of the live telecast and was a mainstay of the show, but this one proved to be his last Grammy appearance. Sadly, there’s no footage of the Stevie Wonder incident.

Frank Sinatra

© YouTube//Chad Erickson

In 1994, the Chairman of the Board, then 78 years old, was bestowed with the prestigious Legend Award. Much to the surprise of everyone, though, Sinatra’s acceptance speech was cut short when the TV producers suddenly cut away to commercials.

Understandably, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences hasn’t made the clip of the incident publicly available. But what’s worth watching is Billy Joel’s performance from right afterwards, when he took a lengthy break in the middle of his song River Of Dreams, hinting towards Sinatra’s misfortune with, “Valuable advertising time going by – dollars, dollars, dollars.” 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is obviously an expert in attracting attention. But even her meat dress seems moderate compared to her pompous appearance at the Grammy Awards in 2011. The singer arrived inside an egg-shaped vessel and was carried over the red carpet by four men wearing yellow boxers.

Apparently she spent 72 hours in the egg prior to the show in order to “really think about the meaning of [her song Born This Way] and get prepared for the performance,” she told radio host Ryan Seacrest after the event. “I really wanted to be born on stage.”


© YouTube//Peter Jackman

The British pop singer was on her way to the stage to accept the award for Best Pop Solo in 2013 when a mysterious man in a suit appeared on stage, announcing via microphone, “Such an honour to receive this award. I love you, Adele.” Impressively, the presenters of the award, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull saved the situation by shooing the intruder away discretely.

It turned out that the crasher was a journalist from Ukraine who’s built up a reputation for pranking celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Will Smith. 

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