the meanest apes in movie history

The meanest apes in movie history 


To celebrate the release of Kong: Skull Island, we’ve looked at some of the meanest, scariest and downright badass apes in movie history 

King Kong is back in Kong: Skull Island, and he’s big – we mean really big. He also doesn’t seem too happy about Tom Hiddlestone, Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson and many others invading his privacy.

As the trailer for the new film proves, King Kong truly is the king of the apes. He’s the biggest, strongest and loudest there is, but is he the meanest? To mark his return to the big screen, we’ve looked at some of the nastiest, most intelligent and dangerous primates in movies history. We’re not monkeying around here. 

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While Aladdin is more or less a prisoner of his own circumstances and the social difficulties in Bagdad, Abu is simply a kleptomaniac. If it’s shiny and not pinned down, then Abu wants it.

Despite his thieving tendencies, he still made it into a Disney film and is an extremely popular character to boot. So much for trying to teach kids that stealing is bad.

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5. Capuchin monkey in Raiders of the Lost Ark 

Indy and Marion Ravenwood adopt a ‘sweet’ monkey for this adventure. But don’t let his size fool you, this little rascal is anything but nice. It turns out that he’s actually a spy working for a Nazi collaborator. In the end, you could say the monkey gets what he deserves, as he dies eating a bowl of dates poisoned by his master and meant for Indy. That’s karma, baby. 

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4. King Louie from The Jungle Book

We get the feeling Disney doesn’t like primates too much. This time they give orangutans a bad name as the ‘king of the swingers’ tries to get the secret to fire out of Mowgli. Why? So he can truly become the jungle VIP by beating the current ruler, Shere Khan, who just so happens to be afraid of the hot stuff. 

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3. Link from Link

The 1986 ‘horror classic’, Link, provides us with another naughty orangutan. Link is employed as the butler at a scientist’s house, and said scientist just happens to be the stereotypical nerdy professor with a young, beautiful assistant in the form of Elisabeth Shue.

What soon becomes clear is that Link has a bit of a killer instinct – he’s pretty much the Jack the Ripper of orangutans. 

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2. Planet of the Apes 

What’s worse than a mob of chimpanzees? An army of chimpanzees! The Planet Of The Apes films have proven over the years how clever, nasty and intelligent they can be, making Charlton Heston, Mark Wahlberg and Jason Clarke’s life hell over the course of many films. You don’t want to mess with these guys. 

Based on pure cunning and intelligence, these guys could easily have taken the number one spot, but there is still one more out there who is intelligent, deadly, extremely large and also has a very fine taste in women. 

Yes, it is time to drop the 100 foot curtain and reveal our number one prize. 

1. King Kong

Who else did you think it would be? No one is greater – or more dangerous – than King Kong. 

He first took to the silver screen in 1933 and has been an almost ever-present in Hollywood since, appearing as villain, hero and victim in many different versions. He’s also varied extremely in size over the years. 

Speaking of size, Kong seems bigger than ever in the latest film, perhaps setting us up for a showdown with Godzilla sometime in the future?

In Kong: Skull Island, a team of scientists are joined by a small army as they set out to explore one of the most mysterious islands on the planet in search of answers to all manner of questions. What seems like an idyllic hidden paradise soon turns into a battle for survival as they find themselves in the middle of a war for dominion on the island between Kong, the ruler, and the deadly ‘Skullcrawlers’. It doesn’t bode well for the puny humans, but will Kong be the hero or the one they have to fear? 

Check out Kong: Skull Island in cinemas worldwide from March 8th. 

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