The sci-fi planets we’d most like to visit

The sci-fi planets we’d most like to visit

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Now that NASA has discovered habitable exoplanets, we have our own ideas on where you should fly

NASA recently made a sensational discovery when the space agency announced that seven Earth-like planets have been found orbiting a star in a distant system roughly 40 light years. Six of these other worlds are in a temperature zone where water could exist as a liquid and therefore could sustain life.

So far, exploring these kinds of distant planets is only possible in the movies. With science fiction films, we get to travel the galaxy and marvel at different worlds from our armchairs or recoil in fear at the horrors that are out there like those facing the crew in the next film of the Alien series Alien: Covenant.

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With galactic holidays on our minds, we’d much rather land on the following planets:

  • Dagobah
  • Pandora 
  • Cybertron
  • Genesis
  • Arrakis

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Dagobah - Star Wars

Resident: Yoda
Climate: Tropical, forest and swampland 
Attractions: Yoda’s hut, den of evil
Quality of life: Low. The Dark Side of the Force is strong on this planet. 

The main planet of the Dagobah system is a mystery in itself. Jedi master Yoda went into exile here and remained hidden from the prying eyes of the shadowy forces of power. It was also here where the aspiring Luke Skywalker had his first evil vision of Darth Vader. The inhospitable surface of the mystical planet and its flora and fauna are not exactly made for comfort, but they make it a dream destination for bold adventurers

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Pandora - Avatar

Residents: Humans, Na’vi
Climate: Mostly tropical
Attractions: Hometrees, Tree of Souls
Quality of life: Without a filter mask: fatal. As an Avatar: dreamlike. 

All living beings on this moon are joined together. Therefore, it’s difficult for human visitors to find a connection. Especially if you belong to the group which wants to exploit the local population. So, bring your own Avatar and hope you run into some kind-hearted Na’vi. If they accept you, a paradise awaits.

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Cybertron - Transformers

Residents: Machines that can take any shape
Climate: Iron content
Attractions: Iacon, the hometown of Optimus Prime, Space bridge to Earth 
Quality of life: Low, even for machines. 

Ok, this planet should best be viewed from a distance. Apart from the fact that it is made entirely of metal and uninhabitable for humans, it’s also very likely you’ll get embroiled in one of the many disputes between the warring Autobots and Decepticons. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic place full of mechanical miracles.

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Genesis - Star Trek

Resident: Mr. Spock
Air: Heavenly
Sights: Mr. Spock’s coffin.
Quality of life: For a (very) short break, it can’t be beaten. 

The planet Genesis was created by a terraforming experiment. Following his death, the body of Mr. Spock was sent to the paradise world where he was “reborn” thanks to radiation from the so-called protomatter. Unfortunately, this protomatter was unstable and just as the planet was created, it collapsed again after a short time.  

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Arrakis - Dune

Residents: Humans
Climate: Hot and dry, bitterly cold in the winter
Attractions: Sandworms 
Quality of life: Very high 

In the film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel, sand worms have transformed the planet into a complete desert. The worms produce a mind-altering drug, the “spice” and through its production, Arrakis becomes the most valuable planet in the universe. As fans of the books will know, after an attack with a special weapon, millennia later the surface is almost completely made of glass. Definitely worth seeing.

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