Everything you need to know about The Walking Dead

Everything you need to know about The Walking Dead

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Dig deep into the zombie world with interviews from the creator and stars, fan-theories, fitness tips to survive and more  

It’s the show that never ends according to creator Robert Kirkman. NEVER ENDS! 

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman On Our Obsession With Zombies

The term "zombie" harkens to zombie movies and zombie culture, which is something that is very present in our world. And within the context of The Walking Dead, we didn't want the audience to be saying, "Why doesn't Rick talk about how he watched Dawn of the Dead when he was a kid and that he knows that these are zombies and that he can just shoot them in the head."

Do you run or fight? Here’s how Tom Payne got in shape for TWD. 

How Tom Payne from "The Walking Dead" got into ass-kicking shape

The British star reveals how he prepared his body for his role in "The Walking Dead". The Red Bulletin - the international men's active lifestyle magazine

Find out how the show will end if Micheal Cudlitz has his way, and why you need to be on an island to really survive when the dead come knocking. 

Michael Cudlitz on how The Walking Dead should end & zombie survival strategies

Michael Cudlitz plays Abraham Ford in AMC's worldwide hit series The Walking Dead. At the end of season 6 one of the main characters is killed by Negan, the new villain in town. According to bookies, Cudlitz's character is in the top 5 to bite the dust.

Do you agree with these fan theories? 

The Walking Dead: 5 predictions for the new season 7

After months of digesting the extremely frustrating finale, it's high time for some speculation. The Red Bulletin - The international men's active lifestyle magazine

How would you survive the apocalypse? These tips might help! 

How To Handle The Apocalypse

We've all thought about an endgame survival plan after watching an episode of The Walking Dead. But are you really ready?

Norman Reedus chats to The Red Bulletin about his unconventional path to acting success and why he’s an outsider not even Hollywood can tame 

Norman Reedus

Fame has come late to Reedus, which is a good thing. It has made him a rarity in the acting world - successful and famous, yet still very much the Hollywood outsider with his feet on the ground.

John Cleese talks you through 6 seasons of The Walking Dead in four minutes, and we look at who really bites the dust in season 7

The Walking Dead: Who really died at the end of season 6?

SPOILER ALERT - we've looked into the comic folklore, analysed the press conferences and dug deep into the forums to find out who really did die at the end of season 6.

You are what you eat. What will you be eating when the apocalypse comes? 

Eat your way through Armageddon: the best survival foods

Shopping guide 1. By far the best option are foods that have a long shelf life and require little storage space. 2. They must also meet your nutritional needs: high calories (you'll need as many as you can get), protein, minerals and vitamins are all essential. 3.

The Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios in Hollywood is going to give you the chance to live the zombie apocalypse all-year-round from summer 2016

What we want to see in the Walking Dead theme part attraction

The Walking Dead is about to become a permanent attraction at Universal Studios so what parts of the hit show do you want to experience in the Zombie-eating flesh?

So what inspired The Walking Dead and what are the best zombie films ever? 

Why Are We So Obsessed with Zombies?

Zombies are a phenomenon. We just can't get enough of the living dead and all that juicy brain eating. The concept of the zombie has changed over the years however, from a mindless slave controlled by a master, to violent flesh-eating monsters and even intelligent (flesh-eating monsters).

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