TV characters who deserve their own show

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5 TV characters who deserve their own show

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In a hit TV series based around an ensemble cast, it’s often hard for any one character to shine. However, there are some who have earned their place in the spotlight

When a hit TV show comes to an end, these days producers seem more than willing to try and develop a sequel or prequel. Yet for every Better Call Saul or Frasier, there’s a Joey or a Torchwood to remind us that – just because their predecessors touched upon greatness – there’s nothing to stop a spin-off falling flat on its face. It’s no surprise, then, that there’s a fair amount of scepticism surrounding recent news that a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, covering the life of a 12-year-old Sheldon Cooper, is in the works.

Instead, here are five characters who genuinely deserve more of the limelight:

  1. Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad
  2. Michonne – The Walking Dead
  3. Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones
  4. Alan Johnson – Peep Show
  5. Omar Little – The Wire
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Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad

As previously mentioned, Breaking Bad has already spawned a hit prequel in the shape of Better Call Saul. On the strength of that series alone, though, it would be fascinating to see what Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan could do with a sequel charting Pinkman’s future after he left the mortally-wounded Walter White, apparently free from all ties to his drug-selling past. Gilligan said he deliberately left Jesse’s fate up to the viewers to decide, giving him an absolute carte blanche to snatch that ambiguity away and let us know exactly what became of everyone’s favourite slacker-turned-crystal meth cook.

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Michonne – The Walking Dead

Like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead has also had a hit spin-off with the not-so-imaginatively-titled Fear The Walking Dead. But arguably that show suffers from a lack of memorable characters. And season seven of the The Walking Dead has a serious Rick Grimes problem, with the former leader now emasculated and subservient to alpha dog Negan. The time has surely come for the only remaining badass good gal to wield her Katana with the authority she deserves and take control. The Rick is dead: all hail Queen Michonne.

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Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones

Forget Jon Snow or Arya Stark – the one character nobody wants to say goodbye to when Game of Thrones reaches its inevitably bloody end is Tyrion Lannister. Creator George RR Martin has already talked up the prospect of a spin-off, and given that he has also admitted that Tyrion is his favourite character to write, everyone’s best-loved Lannister is the natural choice of lead. With his younger incarnation arguably being too spoilt and entitled to base a whole series on, a sequel spin-off would have the added bonus of retaining the services of actor Peter Dinklage – provided Tyrion is left standing at the end of the original show, that is.

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Alan Johnson – Peep Show

When Peep Show finished in 2015, British television lost perhaps its most original comedy series and the only one that gave viewers access to characters’ point of view with hilarious, often scathing internal monologues. Beyond the lead duo of Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Usborne, by far the most dynamic presence belonged to Alan Johnson, better known simply as ‘The Johnson’. Dapper, suave and bringing a Darwinist ‘survival of the fittest’ approach to both his business and his personal lives, The Johnson was last seen reunited with Corrigan, once again playing the boss to Corrigan’s grovelling wage-slave (before firing him) in a luridly-coloured bank. If that’s not the set up for an uproarious new sitcom, we don’t what is.

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Omar Little – The Wire

To be honest, there are a multitude of characters from The Wire – rightly thought of as one of the greatest TV shows of all time – whose stories would make a fascinating series in their own right. However, if forced to pick just one, we’d have to go with President Obama’s favourite, Omar Little. The scourge of all Baltimore street dealers, Omar is a stickup man with a difference: he’s gay, scorns the use of profanity and acts under a strict moral code, refusing to harm any innocents not involved in the drug trade. A short prequel featuring the young Omar was released as a DVD extra, but a new prequel spin-off would surely have to feature Michael K. Williams, the actor who brought him to life so brilliantly.

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