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Whole New Ball Game: These Celebrities Could Have Been Pro Athletes

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We know them from the big and small screen but did you know that these celebs could have made it as professional sports stars?

Some people are blessed with talent. They don’t just excel in one thing but can stand out from the crowd in any profession. That Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was a gifted American football player is well known.

But the following celebrities all showed promise in sport at a young age before making their breakthroughs in other fields.

They’ve gone on to score impressive career achievements, but these guys could have been household names for very different reasons.

Jamie Foxx

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This Oscar winner has shown himself to be an all-rounder as an actor, comedian and musician.

It’s no wonder then that Foxx was also successful at high school playing basketball and American football. A quarterback for his school team in Texas, the future star of Ray instead chose to devote himself to the study of music.

However, his sporting past was the perfect preparation for the role of Steamin” Willie Beamen in the gridiron modern classic Any Given Sunday.

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Gordon Ramsay

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The TV chef Gordon Ramsay can cook up a storm in the kitchen, but he had all the ingredients to become a footballer in his younger days.

The Scot landed a place in one of Glasgow Rangers’ youth teams and played a couple of non-league matches as a trialist, but a knee ligament injury put paid to dreams of lining up for Scotland.

He instead focused on a career as a celebrity chef and must have spent some time refining his talent for swearing. His football skills can still be seen on occasion at charity events.

Will Ferrell

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The actor and comedian played both soccer and American football at high school; he was kicker for the Varsity team and still holds the record for most field goals in a season.

Ferrell shows off his ball skills at charity matches and events on occasion, but early on in life the man who studied sports journalism found a new calling: as the funny man of Saturday Night Live and later in smash hits like Anchorman and Old School.

Matthew McConaughey

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The Hollywood star and Oscar winner was once the best golfer in his fraternity Delta Tau Delta at the University of Texas and still prides himself on having made four holes-in-one. He also explained to Golf Magazine that he has a “high single-digit” handicap. That’s certainly more than a passing interest, but the Texan former law student has shown he has ample talent elsewhere.

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Burt Reynolds

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Before he was the sex symbol who lit up the big screen, there was a clean-shaven kid playing American football as halfback for Florida State. During his freshman season, Burt posted 222 yards of total offense and two touchdowns. 

A serious injury put his career in doubt, and although the Baltimore Colts were still interested in signing him, the moustachioed heartthrob chose acting as a career. His decision paid off as he became a massive box office star, and he even got to relive his football days in the legendary movie The Longest Yard.

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