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In Focus: Zebra & Giraffe

Photo above: Michael Ellis  

Backstage experiences, being famous and the high and lows of a life on tour. Take a closer look at one of the biggest rock bands in South Africa. 

Playing headline slots at some of the biggest festivals and testing their musical limits in the name of artistic progression. It is has been a busy few months for Zebra & Giraffe. With their latest album Knuckles set to come out this month, the band told The Red Bulletin about what it is like to be part of one of the countries most popular rock bands.

Check out the video to I’ve Been Bad here.

“When you’ve worked so hard, and a major production comes together in a carefully crafted way, there’s nothing like that and there’s no way you can do it alone. It has to be the band.”
Alan Shenton, Zebra & Giraffe lead guitarist
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