Red Bull Mind Gamers 2017

The Great Escape

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Red Bull Mind Gamers has set a challenge to find the world’s quickest puzzle solvers

Whether you’re a tactical gamer or an occasional problem solver, there’s one type of puzzle we all love: clever little conundrums that bring our brains to boiling point. Red Bull Mind Gamers, developed by a group of gaming experts headed by Austrian Konstantin Mitgutsch, is the ultimate expression of that passion – an online platform exclusively for strategy and mind games.

Most are minimalistic, some fanciful, but all are gripping and dangerously addictive. What sets the community apart from other gaming platforms is that its participants have been going head-to-head in a tournament that has called at more than 70 cities worldwide since last autumn.

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Scott Nicholson

Scott Nicholson

The 45-year-old Canadian, a Professor of Game Design and Development, devised the final level: “The idea is that Enoch is the gaming version of a quantum computer. The only way to win is to apply what you’ve just learned to the game straight away.”

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In a specially designed Game Cube, teams of four solve mind games on separate screens. Only the quickest team from each country will qualify for the Mission: Unlock Enoch World Finals, which will take place in Budapest in March. The teams that reach the Finals will then have to deal with an Escape Room the likes of which they’ll have never seen. Escape Rooms are games in which teams have to solve multiple riddles to get out of a locked room. But in a gaming environment that’s half-analogue, half-digital, the Red Bull Mind Gamers finalists won’t only have logic puzzles to deal with. Enoch – the brainchild of Canadian Scott Nicholson, Professor of Game Design and Development at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario – will actively manipulate them and drive them crazy. 

“Nicholson is a real guru for Escape Room gamers,” Konstantin Mitgutsch explains. “He and 100 students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology designed the concept for Red Bull Mind Gamers together. It will be exciting to see if Enoch can be beaten.”

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