5 inventions we wish for. One: Teleporter

Make yourself comfortable: 
The five inventions we want to see next

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Necessity is the mother of all invention, and while we’ve survived this long without them, these gadgets would make life a lot more bearable

Anything that makes life a little easier should be applauded.

American footwear company Cole Haan has managed the balancing act of combining a stylish appearance with total comfort. This looks like an elegant men’s shoe but it’s actually as comfortable as a pair of trainers.

Formal occasions might never be the same again.

Here are some more “life-saving” inventions we want to see next:

  • Self-cleaning tie
  • Universal charging cable
  • Backward microwave
  • Anti-hangover pill 
  • Teleporter

Self-cleaning tie

Now that you’ve got comfortable shoes to go with a casual suit, it’s obvious you need a matching tie. The accessory is the first victim of dinner leftovers or drink splashes at every wedding. And you can forget about getting a fancy tie clean of stains afterwards. Since self-cleaning shirts already exist, the next step should be a no brainer.

Universal charging cable

You’re packing for a foreign trip and you’ve got the Samsung Tablet, Apple iPhone and Lenovo laptop. With all the adaptors you need, your luggage must be a mess of wires. The solution is so simple: a universal cable. It would fit all connections, match every wall outlet and regulate the power supply no matter where you are in the world.

This gadget might be the next best thing:

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Backward Microwave

The invention of the microwave was an important milestone in the history of spontaneous meal preparation. So why doesn’t anything exist that can immediately make our drinks ice-cold? Leaving a warm six-pack in the fridge for hours, or putting them in the freezer with the risk of bursting bottles? Neither are good options to quench your thirst. The reverse microwave could be revolutionary. Pop in a bottle, press the button and in seconds you’re enjoying a cold beer.

Until they come up with it, maybe you can try this:

© Youtube // DaveHax

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Anti-hangover pill

Headache, nausea, fatigue, fear of the end of the world. We could all do without the classic effects of the morning after the party - or the inauguration of the reverse microwave. For now we’ve all got our home remedies but instead of painkillers and vast amounts of water, what about a different kind of “morning after” pill? Many have tried but so far the miracle medicine remains elusive. We’ll just have to soldier on with our choice of hangover breakfast. Greasy fry-up anyone?

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They say it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. And many of the best travel tales start off with something memorable on the flight, train, boat, camel, or whatever else. But who hasn’t wished to simply beam up directly to work in the morning? Or when you’re stuck in bad weather, to materialise in the Caribbean? It’s true if a teleportation device is ever invented we might never get a spot on the beach of a crowded Pacific island.

But chances are we’ll never see this dream fulfilled anyway - or will we?

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