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Photo above: Krystle Wright
Words: Krystle Wright 

Adventure photographer Krystle Wright tells The Red Bulletin about three fellow snappers you should definitely be following on Instagram right now 
Adventure Photographer Krystle Wright
Krystle Wright

Follow the Australian photographer here @krystlejwright

In October’s The Red Bulletin Magazine, award-winning adventure photographer Krystle Wright presents a selection of her best photos, and explains how to make art out of a BASE jump expedition. But where does she get her inspiration? Here the 28 year old reveals three fellow photographers she has in her Instagram feed, and why you should too. 


© @trentmitchellphoto // Instagram

Name: Trent Mitchell

Nationality: Australian

Instagram followers: 20,400

On His Photos: “If you look at Trent’s overall feed on Instagram, its brilliantly done with spanning images over multiple posts. Trent’s work is full of beautiful creativity and simplicity that really resonates with me and no doubt many others. His work spans over multiple genres from documentary, surf, fashion, lifestyle and more.”

Follow Him Here: @trentmitchellphoto


© @ben_knight // Instagram

Name: Ben Knight

Nationality: USA

Instagram Followers: 9,600

On His Photos: “Ben Knight is a phenomenal documentary film maker and I’ve been a huge fan of his works such as Damnation, Unicorn Sashimi and more. Aside from creating films, Ben’s Instagram feed is filled with incredible visuals along with a fast wit in his clever written captions.”

Follow him here: @ben_knight


© @frodesandbech // Instagram

Name: Frode Sandbech

Nationality: Norwegian

Instagram Followers: 44,400

On His Photos: “I came across Frode work after he won the Whistler Pro Photographer Showdown. His unique style in imagery is simply awesome and I really enjoy following his Instagram.”

Follow Him Here: @frodesandbech


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