How to get in Christmas mood

Christmas with a difference:
Festive events to put every Grinch in holiday mood

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If you’re not exactly feeling the joys of the season, there are alternative ways to get in the Christmas spirit

For many people, Christmas is the most wonderful time of year but others can get lost in the celebrations. Even if you’re more of a Grinch type who hates Christmas, and traditional customs just don’t win you over, there are some things that are almost guaranteed to put you in the Yule mood. And we’re not talking baking mince pies, decorating the Christmas tree or carol singing here either. 

  • Pizza delivery by reindeer
  • Dinner in Santa’s Sleigh
  • Dinner at the Gingerbread House
  • Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
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Pizza delivery by reindeer

If fast food is your thing, this winter, Domino’s Pizza came up with the perfect Christmas delivery. In Hokkaido, Japan, the group wanted to deliver pizzas using GPS-equipped reindeer after weather forecasters predicted heavy snowfall for the region.

【 降雪デリバリー対策室通信 vol.1 ...

【 降雪デリバリー対策室通信 vol.1 】 "降雪デリバリー時のトナカイ起用について" 気象庁発表によると、この冬は厳しい寒さが予測されています。 雪によってデリバリーに支障をきたす可能性もあるため、ドミノ・ピザ ジャパンでは「降雪デリバリー対策室」を設置してトナカイによるデリバリー計画を推進します。 #ドミノピザ #ピザ #ひらけおいしさ #トナカイデリバリー #ラニーニャ現象 #アツアツ #冬 #雪 #dominos #pizza #food #yum

However, Santa’s loyal but reluctant animals scuppered the plan. Instead, Domino’s now sends funny reindeer motorcycles onto the streets. Will these three-wheeled versions deliver through the snow in time?


【トナカイデリバリー計画】トナカイの制御がむずかしいため、今冬の実施は見送りに・・・。ドミノ・ピザでは代わりにトナ改バイクを急きょ製作! #ドミノピザ #ピザ #ひらけおいしさ #トナカイデリバリー #ラニーニャ現象 #アツアツ #冬 #雪 #dominos #pizza #food #yum

Dinner in Santa’s Sleigh

Who wouldn’t want to fly with Santa Claus while dining on a festive feast? In the Belgian capital, Brussels, a few hungry mouths were lucky enough to have the pleasure. Under the motto “Santa in the Sky”, the company “Dinner in the Sky” held a four-day pop-up event. A crane pulled Santa’s sleigh into the air, while the guests drank cocoa and chowed down on Belgian waffles. Of course, there were also chefs behind the stove in the kitchen to spoil the visitors’ palates with a fancy holiday menu. If everyone behaves, Santa’s Sleigh should fly again next year.

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Dinner at the Gingerbread House

Diners in the US state of Arizona are getting to live like real-life fairytale characters Hansel and Gretel. The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain in Tucson invites dinner guests to a very special location. To get their visitors into the Christmas spirit, the hotel has created a real gingerbread house in its lobby. Up to six people can enter the structure with edible walls.

When is the last time you dined in a Life Size ...

When is the last time you dined in a Life Size Gingerbread House?

There’s even a working fireplace in this home sweet home. Of course, this house wasn’t built with cement or wood. Instead, the builders used 388 kilos of sugar, 180 kilos of honey, 158 kilos of flour, 45 kilos of ginger powder, 250 eggs and 4.5 kilos of nutmeg. Guests can rent the Gingerbread House for a three or four-course meal until December 30. Cost: £158 or £198.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park 

The annual Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park has opened its doors once again. To mark the 10th anniversary of the festival, the organisers have come up with something special. They’ve commissioned stunning ice sculptures for the “Magical Ice Kingdom.” Visitors can wander between gigantic polar bears, ships, birds and even Eskimos, all cut out in extraordinary detail from ice blocks.

Brand new for 2016, The Magical Ice Kingdom will

Brand new for 2016, The Magical Ice Kingdom will take you on An Arctic Adventure! Go fishing with the Inuits, take refuge in an igloo and explore a lost island! Tickets available here

You can gaze upon the frosty sculptures until early January. The sprawling festive playground in central London also includes markets, fairground attractions, and a Bavarian village with beer halls. We Brits know how to celebrate Christmas in style.

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