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5 gadgets that may very well save your life

Photo: DeLorme

Adventurer and storm chaser George Kourounis recommends 5 gadgets that every adventurer needs to have with them  

1 Delorme InReach: This satellite communicator allows you to be located via GPS all over the world. It also lets you to send text messages and emails, update your Facebook profile and contact the authorities in an emergency. It’s an essential piece of kit if you’re in very remote locations. 

2 Leatherman Tread: This useful, multi-functional bracelet is a must-have and could well save your life.  It’s light, customisable and you can even take it on a plane. 

3 iPhone 6 Plus: Light, compact and takes beautiful photos. Buy the right case and you can use it in all weather conditions. It is also the perfect gadget to have with you if you need to travel light. 

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4 LifestrawWe all need clean water to survive, but this isn’t always available. That is where the lifestraw comes in: it’s small, easy to transport and can save your life, or at least prevent nasty infections. 

5 Universal radio with UHF frequency: A radio or walkie-talkie is essential if you’re travelling in a big group. Don’t be cheap either; you can’t put a price on personal safety. 

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