Light up, pick up and stay up with these light devices


Fogo Lampe

A torch that can do anything you want it to. Well, almost. It’s a walkie-talkie, compass and GPS that can send text and voice messages. Oh, and it’s a 1,000-lumen flashlight too.


Sealife Micro HD

A permanently insulated 13-megapixel, full-HD camera is the only way to film underwater these days. Now where did that damned school of blue whales get to?


Luma Active Haube blau

Know exactly where you’re running with this litte gadget. Simply put it on your head and turn it on. The LED light has three different brightness levels, allowing you to run in safety, while keeping those around you in the know as well.


Uhr Logo

The anti-jetlag app to get you through those first few days of your holiday. It tells you when to go sunbathing and when to go to bed. What’s not to like?

USB Microlight

USB Microlight

Don’t waste time fumbling in the dark looking for the cable when your battery dies. This USB microlight allows you to get back to your business without turning on any lights.

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