Lolo Jones poses for a portrait.

5 Reasons Why Your Instagram inspiration Should Be Lolo Jones 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Dustin Snipes / Red Bull Content Pool

Still searching for the perfect Instagram inspiration? Lolo Jones has it all

The 34-year-old American hurdler and bobsledder is not only one of the fastest women on the planet, she’s probably the muse for Bryson Tiller’s love songs —and she should be your muse too. Here are five reasons why Lolo Jones should be your daily inspirational “go to” girl on Instagram. 

1. She’s Unfiltered

Looks can be deceiving, especially on Instagram. It’s getting harder and harder to tell if the person is an expert Photoshop user or just has a strong face contouring game. Whether it’s on the track or on the red carpet, Lolo always keeps it natural.

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2. She enjoys a laugh  ​

Lolo’s the type of girl who’s going to tag you on memes throughout the day and reply to your messages with hilarious GIFs. So when you’re feeling down, just soak up a few moments of that Lolo magic. 

3. She keeps it real

We all know the type of people who post pictures of themselves at the gym every day. But are they really there working out or just posing for the likes? One look at Lolo’s abs and you know they speak the truth. She’s in the gym putting in work and not just doing it for the Instagratification. So take a leaf out of her book when you’re thinking about skipping leg day for the bar, and hit the gym. 

4. She’s not afraid to jump right in

Lolo’s not afraid to escape her comfort zone and try new things. If she can jump in a stunt plane and do crazy barrel rolls while holding in her lunch, then you can tackle your inner fears head on and beat them too! 

5. She’s got that ride-or-die mentality

Whether you’re having a bad day or you’re just hungover, you need someone who will motivate you to get through it. Lolo is exactly that ride-or-die type who will always have your back and push you to be the best version of yourself. Who’s going to hype you up before a final or a job interview? Who will make you feel invincible even when your chips are down? Guess what, Lolo will. 

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