Kanin Winter Cabin


Photo: Janez Martincic
Words: Daniel Kudernatsch

You’ll need both a head for heights and an extreme sense of entertainment to enjoy the Kanin Winter Cabin in Slovenia

Three agonising attempts were what it took the Slovenian army to lower this extraordinary shelter by helicopter and fix it in place at an altitude of more than 2,500m on Mount Kanin.

The weather at this exposed spot on the Italian border can be extreme, with hurricane-strength winds and torrential rainfall, and some winters bring 10m of snow. So, why would anyone want to place a hut here? First, because people love a challenge, and second, the 360° view from the surrounding mountains to the Adriatic when the sun shines is simply breathtaking.

The wood and aluminium hut, designed by Ljubljana-based architecture firm Ofis Arhitekti, is just 2.4m wide, 4.9m long, and accessible only by scaling the mountain on foot, or by helicopter. It can, however, sleep as many as nine people, so that party with a real edge is firmly within reach. More Info: bovec.si

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