Warum Obama der coolste Präsident ist

Train like a President:
Barack Obama’s Workout Playlist

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The hipster president has struck again. Barack Obama reveals what he listens to in the gym and why he’s the coolest president on the planet

As the election campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hits boiling point, Barack Obama can chill out, sit back, and casually work on his legacy as the first citizen of cool. Among other things, he’s used his last weeks in office to guest edit the November issue of tech bible Wired

In his contribution, the US president reveals that he was a Trekkie as a boy and his view of the world is still influenced by the Star Trek universe. He is as enthusiastic about technology today as the day he entered the White House with his BlackBerry in hand. 

The leader of the free world also needs to keep in shape and Obama knows that a workout is only as good as the Spotify playlist to go with it. 

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In the magazine, he shares his music selection proving once again when it comes to being cool, he leaves all other world heads in the shade.

Obama’s mixtape is an eclectic collection, from funky classics like “Live It Up” by The Isley Brothers and motivational pop anthems like Beyoncé’s Get Me Bodied”, to Forro In the Dark’s ingenious feel-good track “Perro Loco”. Upbeat, rhythmic, and perfect for a gym session. We’re impressed Mr. President.

It’s not the first time that Obama has hinted at his musical preferences. During his campaign in 2008, the then Senator revealed his iPod playlist in Rolling Stone magazine. He described his musical taste at the time as rather “versatile”. In the list, there were many different acts including The Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow and Ludacris

Can Trump or Clinton possibly live up to these presidential levels of hip?

Five other moments when Obama was the coolest head of state:

●    When he held a festival in early October on the perfectly manicured lawns of the White house inspired by South by Southwest calling it South by South Lawn

Bonus: He missed Nancy Reagan’s funeral to go to the real SxSW

© Youtube // The White House

●    When he went on Jimmy Kimmel to take part in Mean Tweets

© Youtube // Jimmy Kimmel Live

●    When he invited hip-hop star Chance the Rapper to a state dinner at the White House

Me and my Dad bout to pull up on Barack looking like some straight BOSSES

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●    When he tried to name all the Game of Thrones characters who had died for BuzzFeed

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●    When he showed Ellen DeGeneres these dance moves (while he was still a Senator)

© Youtube // Listitude

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