BEACH BEETLE: Volkswagen resurrects the sunny ‘60s

Photo: Volkswagen AG

Fascinating Beach Beetle: It’s rare to see a concept car that’s obvious stand-candy and also a genuine production forerunner.

Volkswagen’s Beetle Dune first appeared at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2014 and now the real version is hitting the road. Note road, not beach.

It was, perhaps, an inevitable progression: the original Beetle spawned the Baja Bug kit cars of the 1960s, so of course the modern Beetle, which exists as an exercise in retro chic, was going to go down that route. The Beetle Dune tips the hat to California’s golden age without any intention of getting its feet dirty.

Like the rest of its order, the Beetle Dune is front-wheel drive only – so not really the thing for deep sand. What you do get is something that’s going to look great in its natural habitat, tooling around a cityscape or parked up outside Starbucks.

Beetle Dune: Tired of winter? Get ready for the beach!

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Available as hatchback or cabriolet, Dune sits 10mm higher than a standard Beetle and has a slightly wider track, but the stand-out elements are in the bodywork: a new grille, side strips, graphics, and a large spoiler. Inside there are sport seats, leather upholstery and the option of a Fender sound system. It definitely looks the part.

Best of both

Best of both


A family car that comes with super powers

Audi’s RS line-up has long been a favourite of those who want a supercar and a family runabout, but only have a single garage in which to put them. The latest ‘Performance’ models of the RS6 Avant and RS7 reduce the amount of mental compromise that requires, retaining five seats and plenty of space for buggies and luggage, but pumping up the power output to even more OTT levels. 

The Performance models are uprated by 45hp, dragging around 600hp out of a 4.0-litre V8 bi-turbo petrol engine. They cover 0-100kph in 3.7 seconds, go on to top speeds of 300kph and have an overboost function that can increase torque by 50Nm up to an impressive 750Nm. Those are supercar stats – though not many supercars can fit in quite so much heavy shopping.

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