Everything you need to know about the "Game of Thrones" bar

Blood and wine: Game of Thrones pop-up bar conquers Edinburgh

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Ever fancied feasting like the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? A Scottish pub makes it possible

In Edinburgh, a pop-up bar has opened dedicated to the TV phenomenon Game of Thrones. Under the motto “Blood & Wine” you can drink and feed like Tyrion Lannister and the rest of the characters in the fantasy megaseries. 

Every Wednesday and Thursday, the cellars of Daylight Robbery transform into a banquet hall with Westeros flair. The event is so popular that it was extended by one month until 23 February.

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The brick walls, swords, shields, animal skins and candles transport visitors into the throne room of the Red Keep. Atmospheric, medieval music accompanies your Game of Thrones-style feast, just the thing to survive a long winter.

On the menu you’ll find creations inspired by the favourite drinks of the famous characters from George RR Martin’s saga. The cocktails have names like “Myrish fire wine”, while wines such as “Volantis Sweet Red Volantis” and “Arbor Gold” could be imported directly from the Seven Kingdoms.

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You won’t want to miss one of the highlights, the “Mountain Vodka.” This Icelandic tipple has been devised by none other than actor Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson who plays the gigantic Ser Gregor Clegane.

And if you get hungry in between, forget the usual burgers. Sink your teeth into Sansa’s famous lemon cake or a Frey pie, but a word of caution: the delicious snack might actually contain traces of Freys.

If you don’t happen to be in the Scottish city, you can always conjure up your own creations. You’ll find recipes inspired by the series such as “Dornish snake with fiery sauce” in “A Feast of Fire and Ice” - the official Game of Thrones companion cookbook.

Back at the blood-and-wine binge in Edinburgh, you can round off your visit with a souvenir photo posing with imitation props from the series.

The idea for the bar comes from the Pop Up Geeks team. The group has already organised similar projects with Harry Potter and Pokémon themes and are currently planning an event based on The Walking Dead.

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