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Olympic gold medallist Julius Brink on how to play and look like him

Through a varied schedule of endurance training, weights, and technical and tactical practice, Julius Brink spends about 25 hours a week honing his body. The team tactics element is all the more important, because the 31-year-old German beach volleyball pro has a new partner this season, in the shape of Armin Dollinger, a 23-year-old fellow German. 

Brink says that would-be beach volleyballers – you, for three hours a year, on holiday – can certainly learn from the pros. “Play indoor volleyball, which is quicker than the beach version, on a regular basis to improve your basic technique. Do weight training two or three times a week and work classic exercises such as squats, dead-lifts and pull-overs into your programme, to strengthen your shoulders because they come under great strain.”

Here are a few excercises to build up shoulder strength and stability:

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06/2014 The Red Bulletin

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