Palmer Johnson Yachts: Bugatti Niniette 66

Bugatti Niniette 66: 
a superyacht to go with your supercar

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Boat builders Palmer Johnson have teamed up with the high-performance carmaker Bugatti to create a dazzling luxury superyacht: the Niniette 66

Taking its cue from the Chiron, Bugatti’s super sports car, the Niniette’s looks are defined by the sweeping signature curve, which forms the air intake on the Bugatti road car and the superstructure on the boat.

Like the Chiron, much of the boat has been made of carbon fibre, and its V8 power means it hits a top speed of 44 knots, or 50 mph in ground speed.

We’ve taken a closer look at this nautical beast..

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Palmer Johnson

Palmer Johnson was created by two artisan builders almost a century ago in 1918. The brand has long had a reputation of being a leader in boat innovation, from its pioneering use of aluminium in its sailing yachts, to building the world’s fastest yacht in 1979.

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Luxury car brand Bugatti was founded over 100 years ago by Italian born Ettore Bugatti, and the company has a strong racing heritage, having won the very first Monte Carlo Grand Prix in 1924.

It can also lay claim to having built the world’s fastest car today: the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which thunders along at a cheek-stretching 268 mph.

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Like Palmer Johnson, Bugatti once dabbled in the boat building business too. In 1930, the Italian Prince Carlo Maurizio Ruspoldi commissioned the carmaker to create a one-of-a-kind speedboat.

Founder Ettore Bugatti named this low-on-the-water beauty the Niniette – which was the family pet name of his youngest daughter Lidia.

Niniette 66

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Bugatti is the latest luxury car manufacturer to dip its toes into the yacht market, with the sporty Niniette 66

You may need to earn a salary the equivalent to the GDP of a small country to buy a Niniette 66, but if you are considering purchasing one, the official website offers potential buyers the chance to customise their own boat.

Palmer Johnson Yachts

Palmer Johnson Yachts, Monte-Carlo, Monaco. 21,393 likes · 241 talking about this · 3 were here. Palmer Johnson Yachts are the premier designers and builders of luxury, high performance superyachts...

The yacht’s 21-foot beam allows for a roomy master suite, featuring soft leather, polished metal, suede and a galley kitchen with all the basics.

On-board features include a fire-pit to ensure you remain toasty when out at sea, a Jacuzzi, a champagne bar and a marble bathroom.

Better get your order in quick – as its name implies, only 66 are being made!

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