Code-break for cocktails: London bar inspired by Sherlock Holmes

Code-break for cocktails:
London bar inspired by Sherlock Holmes

Photos: The Bletchley

Amateur secret agents, take note: a pop-up bar has opened in London that will only serve you drinks if you can decipher the code.

If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes and mysteries in general, The Bletchley could be just the right bar for your puzzle-solving brain. With an appropriate World War II espionage atmosphere, guests order their drink by using a cipher machine.

The Bletchley owes its name to Bletchley Park, the British institution used in World War II for breaking codes. Alan Turing, the most famous of these scientists, inspired the pop-up bar with the secret agent theme, as well as the character Sherlock Holmes.

Fun Fact: actor Benedict Cumberbatch embodies both the master detective in the BBC series Sherlock and code expert Turing in the film The Imitation Game from 2014.

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Once you enter The Bletchley through a hidden underground bunker, you’ll change into a matching uniform from the Second World War.

An Enigma encryption machine awaits at your table just like the one used by Alan Turing to break encrypted Nazi codes and bring about a decisive turn in the global conflict.

Secret London

London's first code-cracking cocktail bar opens tonight so, er, crack on...

Once you’ve received your secret agent briefing, you must complete a series of tasks with the machine.

In addition, you get a series of test tubes to find out your favourite scents. Using different tools, you’ll put together the ingredients for your own special cocktail based on your personal preferences.

The Bletchley, Rätselbar in London, Enigma-Chiffriermaschine

Visitors won’t find a menu at The Bletchley. Instead, each drink is mixed individually for each guest. Once you’ve decided your own drink, you’ll radio your order to the mixing agents behind the bar.

Then you’ll receive the coded cocktail together with your new agent name and a letter with the secret data.

The Bletchley, Rätselbar in London

The pop-up bar opened its doors in March and by then already had more than 7,000 interested guests on the waiting list for the mystery bunker. The entrance fee is £30 and the unique venue is initially planned to open for three months

The Bletchley can accommodate 22 guests and if you manage to get a table, you can spend two hours in the “cryptic world of cocktails” sipping three exclusively developed drinks for your money.

The group Lollipop are the people behind the code breaker pop-up bar, who previously launched London’s first nude restaurant Bunyadi and the ABQ.

The latter is a cocktail bar inspired by the television series Breaking Bad where you can enjoy molecular drinks from the Heisenberg brand in a laboratory atmosphere.

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