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Here’s How you can get more out of those wage negotiations 

Words: Arek Piatek
Photo: Greg Funnell

Ghost negotiator Adel Abdel-Latif reveals three tricks that will help you get what you really want when all the cards are on the table

Adel Abdel-Latif is the man people go to when things get tough. The “ghost negotiator“ helps clients through the most difficult meetings and negotiations. When diplomatic relations are at stake, Adel is the man they call. Business takeover is about to collapse? Adel is the man they turn to. Mass redundancies are on the cards? Adel is there to help. 

According to his book, Quick & Dirty, the tricks he uses in these do-or-die situations can also be used in everyday situations as well, like negotiating a new contract at work. Here’s how: 

1 Be aware of your power 

“Most people underestimate their own power when it comes to negotiations,” says Adel. “The same applies to politicians and top managers as well.” Make sure you know exactly where you stand before negotiating that new contract. Analyse your position in the company, the qualities you have and how the company benefits from your presence. 

2 Be creative

“I usually have at least 15 demands when I enter into a negotiation,” says Adel. You should also be creative when going into a negotiation. Throwing a selection of different demands on the table allows you more room to play with when your first demand is rejected. Possible alternatives to more money could include: a company car, bonuses, further education opportunities and extra holidays amongst other things. 

3 Know what you want

Set your minimum and maximum targets before going into a negotiation. This will help you avoid being put under any unnecessary pressure to make a hasty agreement, and it will also help you avoid taking things too far when the talks appear to be going your way. Another very important tip: don’t let yourself be provoked into making threats that you have you no intention of going through with. If you’re going to put the threat of quitting on the table, then you need to be prepared to follow through on this or risk losing face. 

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