High End

Hitting the high end

There’s nothing wrong with having a little luxury in your life. Check out these highly desirable non-essentials

FLYTE Magnus

This levitating lightbulb is powered through the air using induction. It may cost a bit more than your average lamp, but it’s satisfyingly magical. Plus it can glow continuously for over five years.


© New Techer // YouTube

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

If you have a small fortune to spend on sound, this elegant beast of a speaker is for you. Not only does 65kg of aluminium make it a match for the heaviest bassline, the BeoLab 90 compensates for the sound-stifling effect of furniture and, via an app, ensures you’re always in the sweet spot.


Bang & Olufsen

The BeoLab 90 (shown minus its sleek outer skin) has a 360° design and a variety of settings to ensure the music sounds mind-blowing wherever you’re standing

Parrot Bebop 2

This lightweight drone laughs in the face of headwinds and has a long battery life. Pair it with Parrot’s Skycontroller for 2km more range and, with a VR headset, a pilot’s-eye view. 


© MW Technology // Youtube

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