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Can the creators of Halo strike gold twice with their new sci-fi shoot-em-up Destiny?

It’s 13 years since the groundbreaking Halo appeared, or two generations in gaming terms. Halo was a launch game for Xbox, reason enough to buy the console, and its sequels thrive, but the developer that made it, Bungie, is no longer involved – a bit like JJ Abrams making new Star Wars films while George Lucas looks on from afar.

Since its last game, Halo: Reach, in 2010, Bungie has been at work on Destiny, which this month enters its beta phase, so that the superfans who pre-ordered the game proper, due in September, can iron out the kinks. So far, what’s been seen of the game is both unsurprising and exciting: it’s a massive sci-fi shooter, in the vein of Halo, with stunningly beautiful graphics.

What’s really innovative is Bungie’s attempt to make what they’re calling a ‘shared-world shooter’, to mash up a fast-paced first-person shooter with the multiplayer elements of games like World Of Warcraft. It’s not just fans hoping for something special to put the H-word to the backs of minds: US$500 million will be spent on making and marketing Destiny – a sum slightly more than will be spent doing the same for Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII. Which one is destined for greater success?

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