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Words and Photography: Shane Mccauley 

From live sets in Rome to beach parties in Jamaica: the 10 most amazing moments from life on the road with DJ legend Diplo

Wesley Pentz, alias Diplo, became a worldwide star in 2008 thanks to Paper Planes. The song, which he produced for M.I.A., went quadruple platinum in the US and featured in Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. The former private tutor from Philadelphia has since reworked songs for Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé, Chris Brown and Madonna, among others. In 2014 the 36-year-old reportedly earned US$10 million.

Shane McCauley, 38, first met Diplo at a block party in Philadelphia in 2003. The photographer and filmmaker, who lives in New York, has accompanied the DJ to shows on every continent ever since.

In the picture above you can see Diplo doing a set off the cuff at 3am in the district of Monserrat in Buenos Aires. “His gig has only just started, which is normal by city standards,” says McCauley. “People party all night there – even on weeknights.”

Shane McCauley

05.08.2012/ Brooklyn, New York City, USA 
“An unplanned riot. Diplo’s dancehall music project Major Lazer was supposed to be outdoors that night, but bad weather meant we had to move to the Music Hall of Williamsburg. MC Walshy Fire got the party started.”

M.I.A.: “Paper Planes”

Shane McCauley

21.01.2014/ Melbourne, Australia
At this Major Lazer gig in the Palace Theatre, 1,500 concertgoers held up their smartphones on demand. The sea of lights they created is a key part of the show and that’s the best moment for me to take my pictures.”

Shane McCauley

24.02.2011/ Port of Spain, Trinidad 
“Diplo and Major Lazer MC Jillionaire on the way to the aftershow. Jillionaire is a local, so knows the best parties there. We call him the President of Trinidad.”


Shane McCauley

01.05.2012/ Manhattan, New York City, USA 
“MikeQ’s Vogue Knight Tuesday is a legendary dance party at Escuelita Club in Hell’s Kitchen. Diplo is a regular. I took this shot during the 30-minute dance-off when a team of judges award prizes for the best moves.”

THE RED BULLETIN: How did you become the house photographer of a world-famous DJ? 

SHANE McCAULEY: I first met Wesley 11 years ago. A New York music magazine had commissioned me to photograph his block party in Philadelphia. Wes still wore baggy pants at the time and had a ponytail. We hit it off straight away because, like me, he’s crazy about music.

How does this craziness manifest itself?

Wes is interested in all local music cultures. If he’s performing in India, he’ll spend hours at flea markets looking for Bollywood records because they might have an interesting beat.

Shane McCauley

You’ve been travelling the world with Diplo for more than a decade? What’s the wildest nightlife scene you’ve seen? 

All hell really lets loose in Tel Aviv. The political situation there is tense. Young people there have the attitude that they could be dead tomorrow. Which is why they’re all the wilder when they party. Kenya was crazy, too. Diplo played in this venue with a roof made of palm grass and a wooden dancefloor. The kids danced so hard that the floor caved in. The security staff had to form a protective ring around the hole so that nobody fell in.

Where is it dangerous to be a nightlife photographer?

Kingston can be rough. You shouldn’t go out there at night without a local guide. In the Philippines, we wondered why there were sniffer dogs at the hotel. Later we found out that they’d thwarted a terrorist attack the week before.

What’s the secret of taking great nightlife photographs?

You can’t capture music in pictures. So I try to document the energy of the people at the concerts. 


Shane McCauley

20.04.2011/ Madrid, Spain
“The Zombie Kids (left) are the kings of Spanish nightlife. Here they are at the Sala Heineken. But why is Diplo literally on the decks? Couldn’t be more straightforward. Because he’s a showman.”

Shane McCauley

04.08.2012/ Philadelphia, USA 
“Diplo’s wild Block Party sets are famous: 8,000 people partying outdoors and a carnival atmosphere. Here a steward coaxes two revellers down from a pole.”



03.06.2009/ Rome, Italy 
“Diplo on his tour of Italy with DJ duo Crookers. This picture was taken during his set at Atlantico Club in the south of the city. Rome was one of the few cities Diplo also had a look around in the daytime. Normally he’d be on his laptop, creating new tracks.”

Shane McCauley

19.02.2012/ Kingston, Jamaica 
“A couple dance during a Diplo set on Sugarman Beach. He loves the island nation’s dancehall music. The dance that goes with it is called daggering and looks like you’re having sex with your clothes on.”

Shane McCauley

20.01.2013/ Philadelphia, USA 
“For his Trap Hawk Down tour, Diplo played four sets a night in four different cities. After Baltimore and Philadelphia, he flew by helicopter to Atlan-tic City and New York.”


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