Laurent Garnier

King of Clubs

Words: Florian Obkircher 

In his book Electrochoc – finally published in English in July – French DJ legend Laurent Garnier looks back on a 30-year career that has seen him play all the best nightclubs on the planet. Here, Garnier picks his current favourites.

Panorama Bar, Berlin


“This is the only place on earth where time warps completely. You enter at midnight and suddenly it’s midday. The reason is that people are not supposed to use their phones, which helps you to cut yourself off from the rest of the world.”

Concrete, Paris

Concrete, Paris

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“Right now, the French techno movement is stronger than ever. If you want to experience the scene’s best young DJs, you need to pay a visit to Concrete’s legendary Sunday afternoon parties on their club boat on the Seine.”

Womb, Tokyo

Womb, Tokyo

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“If you’re invited to play Womb as a DJ, it’s a big accolade like a knighthood, because this futuristic club – think the Blade Runner film set – houses one of the best sound systems on Earth. Besides, the dance-crazy Japanese audience is second to none.”

Le Sucre, Lyon

Le Sucre, Lyon

© lesucrelyon // Instagram

“This place, which I’m involved with, is pretty unique because it’s on the fifth floor of a big building with a huge terrace on the waterfront. The interior is industrial, it’s a proper music room. I don’t like clubs with fairground lighting. So at Le Sucre you just have the bar and a huge sound system. The DJ booth is very close to the crowd which creates a very intimate atmosphere.”

Output, Brooklyn

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“It used to be a difficult place to DJ before EDM exploded. Output is one of the few new places that got it completely right. The owners have travelled Europe a lot and mixed their experiences overseas with the good aspects of US clubbing. Also, the rooftop offers an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline.”

Check out Laurent Garnier’s book Electrochoc and his current album La Home Box

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