Video: Epic LEGO Trainset

Photo: Flickr/Josh Hallett

If you had infinite pocket money, this is definitely what you’d spend it on

Come on, just admit it: deep down, you dream of being the master of your own railway. Right?

But buying a train set and playing with it three times until it breaks is one thing. Creating a mammoth rail network that whistles through every room in the house, the driveway and the garden is another matter altogether.

Well, YouTuber TrainGuy 596 has been working on just such a railroad. All the doo-dah day, by the looks of it. The mysterious enthusiast – his first name is Joseph, but that’s all we know - has dedicated a huge amount of time, money and effort to create this intricate 50-metre-long LEGO railway around his home in Cairns, Australia.

Joseph spent six years saving the money to buy the pieces, while the track took him and his friends two weeks to build.

Then they strapped a GoPro to the engine and set it off on its journey. Take a look at the result:

© YouTube/TrainGuy 659 via Storyful

The train confuses the cat and the dog as it visits every room, then heads out the front door and down the driveway, before fighting its way through the overgrown lawn. Side note: perhaps when Joseph laid the track originally, the grass didn’t need cutting?

As awesome as it is, we can’t help feeling tired just thinking about packing all that track away again…

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