„Coole“ Urlaubsorte: Wo es im Sommer angenehm kühl ist

Chill out holiday spots: 
the top places to spend summer in cooler temperatures

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When heat is not your thing, throw a hat and gloves in the suitcase and head for cooler climes

It’s time for summer holidays at last but where will you be travelling this year? If you don’t fancy 35 degrees in the shade and prefer exploring your chosen destination in more bearable temperatures, you’re not alone.

Many other holidaymakers prefer places where the air is fresh and slightly cooler. The holiday booking portal Hundred Rooms has selected some perfectly pleasant places where the temperatures barely rise above the 20-degree mark and are suitable for all budgets.

Allow us to introduce you to five of the ‘coolest’ locations: 

  • Reykjavik
  • Nuuk
  • Santiago
  • Cape Town
  • Timberline
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Reykjavík - Iceland

June 9-14 degrees, July 14-16 degrees, August 10-15 degrees, September 7-12 degrees

If you decide on a break in Reykjavík, make sure to have gloves, hat, and a winter sweater to hand just in case. Small colourful houses are typically found in this beautiful city - incidentally, the northernmost capital in the world. Outside Reykjavík, you’ll find rugged volcanic landscapes dotted with impressive waterfalls and the famous hot springs of Iceland.

Nuuk - Greenland

June 6-10 degrees, July 9-12 degrees, August 9-12 degrees, September 4-7 degrees

A fresh wind still blows around the ears in the summer in Greenland’s capital Nuuk. The city, framed by a magnificent mountain panorama, is an excellent base for exploring the rest of the country. Visits - by plane - to the Ilulissat ice fjord on the west coast and the thermal springs of Uunartoq in the south are must see locations on your trip. 

Santiago - Chile

June: 6-18 degrees, in July: 5-17 degrees, August 7-22 degrees, September 12-27 degrees

Slightly warmer temperatures await you in Santiago de Chile. Widely known as a top location for leisure travellers, you can easily walk around the different neighbourhoods with their own traditions and culinary delights. Stroll along one of the many markets, watch the locals at the “Plaza de Armas” or have a lightly-clad lady serve you coffee in a “café con piernas”.


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Cape Town - South Africa

June: 11-19 degrees, July 10-18 degrees, August 13-21 degrees, September 13-21 degrees

Some of the football teams playing in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa wore gloves for good reason. Even in Cape Town, a holiday from June to September will be on the cooler side. But this allows you to explore the city and its surroundings in milder temperatures while a visit to Table Mountain is a must, either on foot or by bike.

Timberline - US

June 5-15 degrees, in July: 8-19 degrees, August 8-20 degrees, September 7-17 degrees

If you’re looking for the thrill of skiing over the summer months, you’ll find the right spot at the Timberline Lodge. The winter sports area is located on the 3,425 metre-high Mount Hood in the US state of Oregon. Here you can spend almost the whole year on the boards, even in the summer, with the local slopes offering the perfect meeting place for professional athletes and amateur freestylers. In September, the area is closed for maintenance for just two weeks.

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