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The American rocker loves to party hard. In his upcoming book, The Party Bible, he reveals the essentials of a good night out. Read his six ultimate party tips

Over the last 15 years Andrew W.K. has made his mark as the most notorious party philosopher on the planet. He writes advice columns for the Village Voice and regularly hosts TV shows on the subject. Universities like Yale and Oxford invite the 36-year-old as a motivational speaker and his rock classics such as “Party Hard” obviously take the same line.


“Party Hard” by Andrew W.K. 

“Everyday can be a friday”
Andrew WK

Andrew WK

Mega Mingler Andrew WK

THE RED BULLETIN: What can we learn from The Party Bible? 

ANDREW WK: I dedicate my life to party because it’s the one moment of the week when you feel alive and can leave all the stress behind. So why don’t we apply this feeling of a Friday night to other days of the week? Every day can be Friday! 

Why do you think partying has such a bad reputation? 

In certain areas of our society it’s considered noble to be emotionally detached from excitement. But I think that’s cowardice. If you experience the pure joy of a party, it  might be risky, but it’s rewarding. That’s what scares people who want to have things regimented and controlled. 

Is it possible to age gracefully in party mode? 

You don’t stop partying because you get old. You get old because you stop partying. Look at Black Sabbath, I toured with them last year and their energy is amazing. It’s like them being on stage keeps them functioning.

The Party Philosopher’s Party Tips

Andrew’s philosophy is that party’s not a negative thing. It’s not an act of self-destruction, but the only real life-affirming moment of the week. To put a finer point on it, he’s going to release his first book soon, The Party Bible. For all of you who want to find out more about Andrew W.K., we compiled his best party tips, which he gives out on a daily basis to his 320.000 Twitter followers. Have fun and party hard!

1. Explore yourself

2. Never grow up

3. Rest, erm, sleep in peace

4. Bros before … strangers

5. Don’t hesitate

6. Supreme rule

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