The best equipment for real gamers

Everything you need for the gaming set-up of your dreams


What to play games and watch films in the best way possible? Then get yourself kitted out with this stuff! 
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Changing stations

The new PlayStation4 ‘Slim’ is smaller and cheaper, with twice the memory, but not much changed otherwise. The PS4 Pro, however, can upscale your games to 4K, and play ‘Pro Enhanced’ games faster, smoother and prettier.

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Box of wonders

The S in Xbox One S could stand for smaller (by 40 per cent) or sharper – it’s an Ultra-HD 4K Blu-ray player. It also comes with a larger hard drive (2TB) than last time, and a wireless controller with double the range.

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Drive time

To truly experience driving games, you need a wheel. The Thrustmaster T300RS features a frictionless motor for smooth steering, belt-driven force-feedback and durable metal paddle shifters.

Drowned in sound

The Samsung HW-K950 soundbar is the ultimate audio set-up for games and movies. Fifteen speakers, each with their own amplifier, create a three-dimensional sound experience that wraps around you.

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Champions League

As in any professional sport, eSports athletes need precision equipment to match.

Head in the clouds

In competition gaming, good sound is about more than just quality – spacial awareness is key. The HyperX Cloud Revolver headset has a range with depth and width that allows precise audio positioning of your opponents, and it’s comfy for long sessions.

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Core strength

Gaming laptops are the most powerful you can get, and the Razer Blade Stealth is the best. But, for pro gaming, even this ultra-thin 4K notebook needs a bit extra, so plug it into the Razer Core desktop graphics tower for championship-level clout.

© Youtube // R Λ Z Ξ R

Mighty mouse

A pro gamer’s mouse needs to be an extension of their body. The Corsair M65 Pro RGB can be button-mapped to any player’s style, has a pixel-precise optical sensor, auto-calibrates to its playing surface, has an adjustable centre of gravity, and can take a bashing.

© Youtube // Corsair

Keys to success    

The Logitech G910 Orion Spark is what you call a pro keyboard, with faster keys that can be lit in more than 16.8 million colours to signify game commands; nine programmable buttons; and a smartphone dock for use with Logitech’s Arx Control app.

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