Evil unleashed

Evil unleashed

In your games room, everyone can hear you scream: the king of space beasts is back. Aliens: Isolation

With 2012’s Prometheus rebooting the Alien movie franchise for a new generation, a video game recalling the roots of the film seems like a no-brainer. But Sega released Aliens: Colonial Marines in 2013 to poor reviews and fans feared a second round of disappointment with Alien: Isolation, Sega’s survival horror game based on the original Alien film of 1979. But a spectacular set of trailers and play tests at this summer’s E3 games show in Los Angeles have put all doubts aside.

Playing as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s four-film leading-lady Ellen Ripley, you find yourself on a giant spaceship, searching for the reasons behind your mother’s disappearance. Very quickly, those reasons become apparent, and they’ve got acid for blood and teeth within teeth. What the game’s British developer, The Creative Assembly, has done brilliantly is create a ‘low-fi sci-fi’ feel – like you’re in a space movie 35 years ago.

To create visuals that look they were made on VHS video, VHS video was used. Musicians who soundtracked Alien the film worked on the score of the game. But this is no exercise in retro gaming, it’s a work of atmospheric adventure with a permanent pulse of heart-pumping dread. Out on October 7 for both PlayStations, PC and both Xboxes.

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