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These photos could be straight out of a fantasy novel

Barely believable landscapes, incredible lighting, and a woman in a long dress with blowing hair; what look like illustrations from fantasy literature become reality on the website “Follow Me Away”. Americans Terrence and Victoria travel around the world creating picturesque photos in the most incredible places.

The project started in 2015 with the aim of giving the pair’s blog readers a glimpse of the rich beauty of their globetrotting destinations, as the couple told Lonely Planet Travel News. Usually, Victoria is captured posing in a variety of different vintage dresses and often the photographs don’t show any faces, allowing the viewer to imagine themselves in these dreamlike settings.

The captivating images can be explored on the duo’s Instagram account, and we’ve selected some of the best pictures for you:

  • Arnarstapi, Iceland
  • Hug Point, Oregon, USA
  • Sólheimasandur, Iceland
  • Dunluce Castle, Ireland
  • Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
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Arnarstapi, Iceland  

Victoria is like a fairytale character on the narrow piece of land that acts as a bridge over the bay. The background is dominated by those dramatic, dark grey clouds across the sky. To save time, Victoria often has to wander to these most remote places already wearing the dress.

Hug Point, Oregon, USA  

In this beach landscape picture, Victoria looks like she is walking across the water. The blurry mountains in the background and the mist give the photo a mystical quality. “We’re totally obsessed with fog”, the photographers wrote on Instagram. “We particularly love foggy fields, foggy forests, and the stunning foggy beaches provided by the Oregon coast”.

Sólheimasandur, Iceland

The old plane wreck on the black sand beach has become famous, but Terrence and Victoria give the scene an additional dreamlike touch. The water and sky glow in lilac and blue tones, while Victoria approaches the wreck in a white dress and bare feet.

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Dunluce Castle, Ireland

Like a sorceress, Victoria appears in her white dress on a grassy hill in front of a historic castle ruin. The sun’s rays fall softly from one side and plunge part of this Irish fortress into golden light.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

This spectacular picture combines beautiful wild cliffs with the calm Atlantic Ocean. The bewitching Victoria is shot with her body facing the camera, but her hair falls over a large part of the face - a good example of how the couple avoids putting faces in focus, allowing the mesmerising landscape to stir the imagination.

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