Die außergewöhnlichsten Biersorten der Welt

From barbecues to snake venom: the weirdest beers ever brewed

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The craft beer revolution has led to microbreweries popping up in cities around the world, each seeking to outdo the next when it comes to outlandish and exotic beer flavours. Would you try any of these?

These days, any self-respecting trendy bar can’t expect to be teeming with regulars unless it has a wide range of Pale Ales and IPAs on tap. Like coffee shops before it, beer is the latest industry to receive a hipster takeover. We’ve taken a look at some of the most bizarre beers around, and it’s safe to say you’re unlikely to find them on offer at your local.

Breakfast in a glass

Founded in 1988 in Oregon, USA, Rogue Ales is a brewery renowned for its downright bizarre beer creations. Strangest of the lot is the “Rogue + Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale”, conjuring a taste of smoky meat mixed with sugary sweet flavouring – much like a classic American buffet breakfast, with added booze. Now out of production, the bacon has been replaced by mango and, according to the Rogue’s website, is inspired by “the two best inventions on planet earth: beer and donuts”.

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Barbecue beer

No self-respecting barbecue qualifies as a barbecue without a ready supply of beer. Short’s Brewing Company, based in Michigan, USA, took this idea to its logical conclusion with the creation of the beer “OMGWTFBBQ!” Using hops smoked with hickory, mesquite and actual BBQ sauce, this is a barbecue in a bottle.

„Oh Mein Gott Was Zum Teufel Barbecue" - Bier

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Pizza beer

Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer was developed in 2006 by Tom and Athena Seefurth at their home brewery in Illinois. One day, faced with a surplus of tomatoes and a bag of garlic, the couple set about concocting a beer out of one their favourite foods: pizza. With its yeasty qualities, beer is well known as liquid bread, but “liquid pizza” takes things to a whole new level.

An abomination in the eyes of god

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Snake venom

Most beers contain around four or five percent alcohol, give or take a few decimal places. Even most super-strength lagers won’t go much higher than ten percent. Scottish brewery Brewmeister has taken a sledgehammer to received wisdom of how strong a beer can be, however, with its “Snake Venom” beer. This hoppy and malty beer claims to be the “strongest beer in the world”, with a staggering 67.5 percent alcohol content. Be warned, though, as it comes with a price to match: retailing at £50 a bottle.


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