Bungee desde la Torre de Macao

Greatest high  

Photography: AJ Hackett

It takes guts to plunge off anything tall, let alone the highest launch platform in the world

At 233m/764ft above the ground, the bungee platform at China’s Macau Tower is the world’s highest, a leap so lofty that the man behind it, long-time bungee jump proponent AJ Hackett, had to devise a new type of bungee cord. Since it opened in 2006, those with the requisite resolve have been hurling themselves into the fresh air over the city for five seconds of freefall at up to 200kph/125mph.

Torre de Macao, China

Towering ambition

Could you jump off that?

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Henrique Ferreira, one of the managers at the tower, has jumped 17 times, but is still considered a rookie by the longest-serving Macau Tower staff members, who boast more than 900 jumps each. It doesn’t get any easier. “It still makes your heart race to stand on the platform,” says Ferreira, “whether it’s your 10th or 1,000th jump.” 

Miguel Soares, a 29-year-old electrical engineer from Portugal, took three years to pluck up the courage for his first jump. “Then once I’d booked it, I started to lose sleep,” he says. “When I got to the platform it was totally terrifying. Every part of your body is screaming, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ Then they count you down and you drop. The first second is pure horror; after that, it’s the most amazing feeling, like you’re flying. The first thing you think at the bottom is ‘I want to do that again.’”

And another thing 

Must-do in Macau

Cheer on
Don’t miss the Macau Grand Prix, a thrilling F3 battle through the city streets with some of the world’s best drivers: Michael Schumacher is a former winner. 


Get high
Take the cable car up the Guia Hill for amazing views. Then hike even further up, on the route known as The Walk of 33 Curves. 


Chip in
Anyone feeling lucky after a bungee jump should visit one of the Vegas-style casinos Macau is famous for, like the Wynn Macau with its giant dragon. 


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