Leonardo DiCaprio Red Carpet Rampage

Help Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio really wants that Oscar. With Red Carpet Rampage you can help him finally get his hands on it - just watch out for Lady Gaga! 

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He’s successful, good-looking, a Box Office guarantee and an eco-warrior. But there is one thing he isn’t: an Oscar winner. At least not yet. You can either wait until the 28th of February to find out whether he’ll finally get his hands on the trophy, or you can help the star yourself! 

That’s the objective in online game Red Carpet Rampage. In this addictive little retro doozy full of classic graphics and funny gameplay, you have to guide DiCaprio to Academy fame by beating some of his closest rivals and avoiding star obstacles.  

Red Carpet Rampage

© Vimeo // The Line

Retro graphics, old-school sounds and a whole load of cool details – Red Carpet Rampage will have you hooked through your dinner time as you try to help Leo beat the competition and avoid Lady Gaga on his way to Academy success. There are plenty of cool in-games as well that play on some of the current issues like “white” Oscars.

Ideal game for: Everyone looking to waste a little time with some light-hearted, button-bashing entertainment. 

Play the game here

Titanic kiss 

© YouTube // ╠╣appyKidsGames

Forget Gangs of New York, Inception or The Departed, Titanic is still the film many people (especially women) associate with Leo. It’s no surprise then that Jack Dawson has his own game. Your objective: to kiss as much as possible without being spotted! 

Ideal Game for: Anyone tempted by the desires of forbidden love, even in animated form. 

Play the game here

Leonardo DiCaprio Dressup

Leonardo DiCaprio Dressup

© LeonardoDiCaprioDressup/Screenshot

This game is pretty much what the title says. It’s all about dressing up the Hollywood star. It’s made by Games-for-Girlz.net, so the target group is pretty clear.

Ideal Game for: Anyone who was never allowed to play with Barbie dolls as a kid and wants to experience it online… 

Play the game here

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