Workout-Tipps: So bleibst du fit über Weihnachten

How to stay festively fit during Christmas 

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The temptation to let go over the Christmas season hits us all. But with a little effort, you can keep the body in shape to hit the new year running

Office parties, family dinners, mince pies, mulled wine at the Christmas market, plus boxes of sweets everywhere, it’s easy to let December go by with your extra calorie count exploding. But with these tips, you can still fit into your gym gear come January.

  • Use the cold
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Make December January
  • Eat consciously
  • Plan the days

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Use the cold

The glowing fire looks all the more delightful when temperatures outdoors hover around zero. But you should rejoice when the weather outside is frightful. You burn more calories during a workout in the cold because your body is already using energy to heat the chilly air that you breathe. In addition, you’ll probably wear more than in the summer - and with this extra weight from clothes, you use up even more calories. And you don’t necessarily need to go running in the streets either. Sweep leaves, shovel snow. Just get active. 

High-Intensity Interval Training

Even if you intend to keep to your workout routine in December, all those social engagements can disrupt the best plans. Therefore, it’s all the more important to make the best use of your time for physical fitness. High-intensity interval training, HIIT for short, is the perfect fit. The workout is short but intense and stretches you to your physical limits. It’s also easy to do in your own home and can burn fat faster than a relaxing jog. The participant alters very high load exercises with active breaks. For example, 20 seconds sprinting is followed by ten seconds walking. Try to go at full power in the load phase, and work out for around 30 minutes. 

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Plan the day of the party

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You know you’ve got a Christmas party in the evening and you plan on letting rip. So you skimp on food knowing you’ll feast later on. Bad idea. You need to plan your calorie intake throughout the day especially if you’ll be drinking alcohol. And it’s just as important to have enough water in the body. So drink plenty before the festivities and have another between each cocktail or beer. 

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Make December January

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We usually declare our good intentions for the year ahead when New Year’s Eve has passed and the season of indulging is over. But it will work much better if you don’t let yourself go completely in December. Write your goals now and start immediately to set you on the right path. You don’t have to think too big either. Smaller steps are easier to implement in this month of excess. Pay attention to the number of calories you’re taking in and perhaps opt for a healthy smoothie on alternate days. And decline the glass of wine or beer at dinner if you know the week ahead will be full of celebrations and might be heavy on the alcohol.

Eat consciously

It’s only right that you get in the holiday spirit. A December without feasting would be unbearable. But it’s worthwhile to compare. If you are aware of how many calories each treat contains, you can decide on an alternative that is less harsh on the hips. A bag of roasted almonds. for example, has almost 600 calories while a bag of chestnuts that you might also find at a Christmas market is just under 200. A mug of mulled wine has around 200 calories whereas a tipple like mulled cider has around 165. Just don’t drink too much – otherwise, your planned exercise the next day will be a Christmas miracle.

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