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Photography: Daddy’s got Sweets

Part photo studio, part magic ravey warehouse: London’s New best night out

In Greek mythology the Hydra is a many-headed beast; in the UK it’s also a forward-thinking London music venue, armed instead with wide-ranging nights. The programme of events during the autumn-winter season unites leading local and international DJs and producers in what is by day a photographic studio in Wapping.

“The Hydra used to be nomadic, but we’re finally settled here,” says director Ajay Jayaram. “One room’s polished, the other’s a more ravey warehouse. There’s a magic to it, thanks to the all-encompassing sound and the artists we invite.

They’re producing cutting-edge music, which is what we’re all about.” Clubbers here have many musical heads. “I want to cultivate a crowd that mirrors our eclectic choices,” says Jayaram. “People into house or techno, but who also get down to drum ’n’ bass and hip-hop. A true Hydra crowd.”

The Hydra
Studio Spaces E1
110 Pennington Street
London, E1W 2BB

“The Hydra used to be nomadic, but we’re finally settled here.”
Ajay Jayaram


Tristan Parker is a music and nightlife writer for Time Out London

The Hydra


“Indo in Whitechapel is a cosy but cool pub that does great pizza and European beers. My favourite is the Hopf Helle Weiße, a zingy wheat beer that sets you up for a long night of dancing.”


“On November 22, there’s a night at The Hydra I can’t wait for: two of my favourite record labels, Leisure System from Berlin and Houndstooth from London, going head to head.”


“For post-club vibes, try the new Caribou album, Our Love, It’s got a sunny, psychedelic feel to it, with a bit of woozy R&B too. Perfect after-hours on the dancefloor.”


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This is the new house style of the Durban townships: darkly hypnotic tribal music with a broken syncopated beat. Our tip: the DJ mixes from Jumping Back Slash.  


In Lisbon, DJs like Marfox combine musical styles from Portugal’s former colonies with hard beats. The result: vibrant house music that makes you sweat even sitting down.    

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DJ Sliink and his crew in New Jersey make hyperactive dance  from offbeat sources like jingles, R&B scraps and thumping kick drums, often found in Vine clips. Contagious.    

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