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Tomorrow’ World #1

As startups and innovations multiply apace, we take a look at the latest tech and its
most interesting applications


Micro Drone 3.0

What? A tiny camera drone that fits in the palm of your hand 

Why? To capture the ultimate group selfie

When? November

Anyone can join the camera-drone revolution with this little fella. Sturdy, manoeuvrable and customisable (frame designs include a ‘ferocious dragon’ and a ‘terror wasp’), the Micro Drone 3.0 streams HD images and video to your smartphone or virtual-reality headset. Expect to see it buzzing around you in the pub some time soon



What? An adorable deskmate that acts as a motivator

Why? To help you achieve your goals

When? In the near future

Moti is an electronic companion that vibrates and flashes with glee whenever you complete a task or learn a new habit. But be warned: Moti employs the human tactic of emotional blackmail when you stray from the right path, looking sad and buzzing angrily. Just try not to reach for the off switch … 



What? An attractive stabiliser for your camera that eliminates hand shake

Why? For great footage

When? Now

If your YouTube videos look shakier than the action scenes in a Jason Bourne blockbuster, give this innovative steadicam device a try. The LUUV is a smart handheld camera stabiliser with universal mount that, thanks to its three-axis, counter-weighted movements, enables you to capture perfectly smooth action footage. Hold it upside down for dramatic shots just centimetres from the ground


Audi Prologue

What? A futuristic driving system that puts you in complete control 

Why? To make your ride sleeker – and safer

When? TBC

Audi’s prototype ‘car of the future’ stole this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with its incredible piloted driving system. Its laser scanner, video cameras and ultrasound sensors make parallel parking worries a thing of the past. The ‘digital cockpit’, meanwhile, has a touchscreen display that controls everything from diagnostics to music with a swipe of the finger. Switches are so 2015



What? A digital valet service

Why? To take the pain out of travel

When? Available now in the US and internationally in the near future

This service saves frequent travellers the hassle of lugging cases of clothing to and from the airport. Send DUFL your clothes in the branded case and a virtual wardrobe will be created. Before you set off on a trip, select the items you want, and DUFL will deliver them to your destination. When you leave, your clothes will be collected, laundered and then stored, ready for your next trip 

No more dragging a case of dirty laundry at the airport


Johammer J1

What? A revolutionary electric motorbike you’ll be proud to ride

Why? It’s time electric bikes got stylish

When? Now

This electric motorbike has a bold design that makes it stand out – in a good way. It runs on a lightweight Li-ion battery, and is available in two models: the J1.150 and J1.200. The latter, top-of-the range model covers 200km between charges, and weighs just 178kg. Plus it generates 15bhp and has a top speed of 120kph. Electric just got sexy



What? A craft beer ‘teabag’

Why? To make beer taste better

When? Now

There’s been a microbrewery boom over the last decade, offering drinkers more choice than ever. But now there’s an alternative to forking out on pricey craft beers to drink at home. Baltimore-based startup Hop Theory have created Relativity, a teabag-like sachet that transforms any beer into a quality brew in just four minutes



What? A floating hydroponic growing pod for food crops

Why? To reduce food imports

When? 2016

Many of the world’s coastal megacities – Singapore, for instance – import up to 90 per cent of their food due to a lack of local arable land. UK-based scientific team SEALEAF have devised a solution: hydroponic growing pods that sit out at sea and let the sun and rain do the work. This opens up more space (available at lower-than-average rents) for local farmers to grow affordable fresh produce for the population. And because of the reduction in imports, it means a smaller carbon footprint, too

Innovator: Jürgen Furian

Meet the Austrian co-founder of the Pioneers festival, a conference celebrating the ideas of tomorrow, held annually in Vienna. It‘s no surprise to find that the man behind a startup shouting about startups is full of advice for young innovators and entrepreneurs…

Juergen Furian

Jürgen Furian, co-founder of the Pioneers Festival

© Kurt Prinz

THE RED BULLETIN: A total of 1,600 startups from 96 countries applied for the 2015 Pioneers Festival. How do you choose who gets to present themselves?

JÜRGEN FURIAN: They have to deal with ideas that will define our futures within the next five years. At the Pioneers Festival, all we talk about is the future. We have given ourselves a broad range of topics: aerospace, biotechnology, energy, robots. That’s what the industry appreciates about us. 

Which industry has the most exciting startups right now? 

Biotechnology. That industry has small startups achieving incredible things with not much money. The huge pharmaceutical giants used to invest billions in research to produce a pill 10 years down the line. Now, small startups are bringing good ideas to fruition themselves. 

For example?

Hampton Creek, who are based in San Francisco. They make eggs out of bean proteins. No chickens, no factory farming. I had breakfast with them recently, and their fried eggs are great. 

Startup founders are professional idea-sellers, and you know loads of them. Can you give us a tip, like how to ask your boss for more money?

If you have a minute, prepare for that minute. Argue from your boss’s point of view. And
most important of all: be passionate!

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