Orlando Duque

It’s all in the legs

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World-leading plungeman Orlando Duque on how to hone a diver’s physique 

Orlando Duque

Fly boy: no diver cuts through the air as elegantly 
as Orlando Duque

 “The most important thing in our sport is the leg muscles,” says Orlando Duque, the 40-year-old Colombian who’s the greatest cliff-diver of his generation. “First for take-off, and then for landing, because we land in the water feet first. When you dive from a height of 27m at around 85kph, you have to press your legs together with all your might.

So it’s really important for me to do special exercises. One-legged squats are routine.”
As well as the squats, Duque’s workouts include “a regular mix of cardio, weights, diving and mental training. I vary my endurance training – running, cycling, swimming, rowing, stand-up paddling – but luckily Hawaii, the place which I’ve chosen to make home, is ideal for that.”


“The last thing you want is for your legs to come apart as you hit the water at 85kph,” Duque explains, “which is why it’s most important for you to work on your leg muscles.”

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